Liz Welch.
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An introduction to Friendly Plastic. All the basic techniques using the hot water method and the heat gun. This is not a project class, but you will go away with lots of samples and a good understanding of how the material works, and hopefully inspired to try out your own ideas at home.
Beginners welcome
Bend It, Shape It, Any Way you Want It!
Chiffon and Lace
Make a beautiful little delicate bag from gathered chiffon embellished with hand or machine embroidery. The handles and structure are created using a special lace work technique in Friendly Plastic. Great for those wanting to explore the possibilities of Friendly Plastic a bit further
Oooze and Aahhs!
Create a funky and colourful notebook using embedding techniques, and a whole lot more.  This is a great class if you like a project but still want to learn a number of techniques.
Beginners welcome
Brilliant Beads / Just Jewellery
Beads, beads and more beads, dangles and curlicues, all created in Friendly Plastic. Adornments and embellishments for bead and jewellery lovers everywhere.  Just Jewellery includes techniques for other types  of jewellery including oooze and lace techniques.
Beginners (or a more advanced class, which ever is appropriate)
Magical Masks
Friendly Plastic, fabric and thread and your imagination are all you need to create fantastical masks .
Friendly Plastic for Paper Crafters
New ideas for Friendly Plastic aimed at those who like to create cards or scrapbooks and work with paper
Not Only, But Also
Not only Friendly Plastic, but also fabrics and foils, mesh and wire. New techniques to extend your repertoire. A multi media discovery day which will fill your head and your work books with all sorts of new ideas whether you are in to textiles, cards, jewellery, or simply messing about with textures.
some experience handy, but not absolutely essential
Boxing Day
A project day on the theme of boxes, crates, cartons and other vessels.  A number of approaches covered, you chose which one you want to use to create a beautiful and unique box out of Friendly Plastic.
Get Stuck In
Experiments in extruding with Friendly Plastic and textiles, meshes, and nets, in fact anything with holes in! Brilliant technique for textile artists and makers of jewellery alike. Card and paper crafters will love this technique too.
Beginners welcome
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First Impressions
A 2 hour introduction to Friendly Plastic with Card makers in mind.  Simple, quick and easy ideas for creating stylish motifs that are light and perfect for cards (and jewellery projects too).
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