and The Front Door Gallery

At the beginning of July I started the Front Door Gallery on my glass front door, which is very convenient allowing for the back of the artwork shown to be seen.

Here is the slide show

On Monday July 28 we had a meeting in London, rather quickly arranged as Artist in Seine jumped across the Channel with not much warning. A lovely surprise all the more welcomed by Stripygoose, Going Postal and myself. Here are a few photos.

Stripygoose and myself are planning to meet again in September, we will let everybody know the details as soon as we can.

Below is the story of Flat Stanley's trip. Flat Stanley is the project of Mathew, the grandson of Patti Bristow. This paper doll attended the meeting and now it is on its way again.




revised eBook BELOW !
I am slowly cataloguing and documenting my activities in Mail Art in a series of illustrated eBooks which you can read online or download as pdf files. It is also possible to embed them in your own site or blog.

Click on the books to open them 

The magic of Friedenreich Hundertwasser Poems by Guido Vermeulen and a fairy story by MailArtMartha  My Mail Art adventures from 1996 to 2011 The photo album of an illustrious visitor to the United Queendom
The Mail Art that dropped in during the last year
A Mail Art show of small artworks
on the Shopping Trolley Gallery
Artistamps made by Mail Artists
to celebrate the role of the Postal Services to Mail Art
All the Mail Art I received during a year, which is now up there in the Clouds for ever JUST REVISED!
An essential guide for travellers to the United Queendom

Martha I in her coronation robes,
painter unknown

The Shopping Trolley Gallery and a loyal subject posting Mail Art, somewhere in Retailia.

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MAIL ART '... has no history, only a present'     Ray Johnson


  Mail Art is the present, the gift, of any artwork that can be sent by post. Handmade postcards, photocopies, computer prints, collages, paintings, drawings, constructions, found objects, anything you wish. Mail Art is whatever you want to make of it. Some people are very serious and work on themes related to saving the world, others just have fun, which also helps to save the world, at least from depression and despair. To join the network of mail artists the only thing you need to do is to answer an invitation and do some artwork yourself

  The organizing artist will send documentation of the event to all the participants, which will consist of some kind of report so senders would know what happened to their artwork.

  If you wish to join us go to my links and from there to one of the sites listed where invitations or calls are published and choose something that appeals to you. I am afraid that I tried to put calls up but could not find the time to keep up to date, so I am grateful to those of us who manage so well their sites. 

  After a while of answering calls you will start to receive invitations directly and then you will know you are part of the Eternal Network of Mail Artists too! Later on, if you like, you can initiate your own projects and post the invitations in these websites. You could have a place to show and then produce some form of documentation. Some people are lucky and have a place like a café, a shop, or manage to get a school involved but others show in very odd places, perhaps their hat or their front door. Also you can make  artists' books or make use of any other devise to collate the artwork received.

  I have shown Mail Art on many venues but the main one has been my shopping trolley, the Shopping Trolley Gallery - UK. I have also a bag dedicated to Mail Art, the Handbag Gallery, as back up. In time no amount of back up could help the STG because the amount of contributions to the projects became too much for it to carry so that resulted in it. Since then I have focused more on responding to calls rather than initiating projects, at least for a while.

   United Queendom of Retailia
   2012 Year of the Earthworm






















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