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April 30th : We've not been able to update the site in the llast few weeks because we've been getting our equipment fixed. (The computer equipment.......dirty mined students). In the last few days we've just learned that the Belfast Student Experience was not deemed worthy enough to be nominated for a prize in the School and University Internet awards. Yet a site titled 'Killybegs online', which offers useful advice for the 3 and a half tourists who visit this fishy smelling donegal town every year was. Are we angry? Fucking right we are! The competition has lost our respect for the simple reason that it does'nt have a clue what an internet surfer wants. Nor does it aim to push the use of the net forward. All the sites shortlisted were a throwback to rigid tried and tested formats of old.

There are mountains of sites with great design, great implementation and loads of useless information, but the simple fact is that no-one uses them, and if they do stumble across them, they have no reason to stick about. We're not saying we're perfect though, we're just saying that our site was much better than some of the ones shortlisted. So heres the link, go see for yourself and tell us if you had a thrilling experience at Killybegs Online. Let us know what you think, or better still, let the SUIA know at Anyways, enough of the angry rantings, watch this space for more news.

P.S. Please stop using the guestbook to talk shite and have discussions. Theres a whole discussion forum for that.

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