The Odyssey
Away down the middle of nowhere

When ice hockey came to Belfast, everyone was a bit sceptical about it. After all we are a bit soccer mad in this part of the world. But 5 months later, and the Odyssey is filling the stadium 2 - 3 times per week, and the sport has become really popular. We like this place if only for the fact you can feel like a fat yank and buy beer & hotdogs while you watch.

On the more serious side, it is a true community spanning sport, with everyone coming out to support them. This is surely a good thing in our opinion. Apart from the hockey, there are also other plans for stage 2 of the project, due to open soon. An I-max cinema is currently in development, and of course it makes for a great concert venue. All in all a welcome addition to Belfast

Verdict: A huge addition to Belfast and well worth a look.
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