There are 2 main types of Magnetic Signs - Magnetics for vehicle side panels, doors etc and Magnetic Roof Signs as most commonly used by School of Motoring cars and Taxis.

Magnetic Signs can quickly and easily be removed and refitted as often as you require. They are produced from a 1mm thick flexible magnetic rubber sheet. When not on the vehicle they can be rolled and stored upright, or stuck on the side of a filing cabinet.

We can make magnetic signs to any size, up to 600mm high. They can be any length, but above 1.5m x 600mm they may become a bit difficult to handle.

Magnetic car & van signs can include text, logo, photos, whatever you like. They are usually cut to a rectangular shape but can be cut to other shapes.

They are usually sold in pairs, but do not have to be. Often it can help to have 1 for each side and a small one for the back.

Magnetic signs should be fitted to flat areas on the vehicle such as doors and side panels. They should be made to such a size that they fit nicely in the area and do not go over trim, sharp contours and panel edges.

We offer discounts for quantities. The more you have the cheaper they become. We are confident we won't be beaten on price for magnetic signs.

Magnetic Roof Signs - Magnetic roof signs are most commonly used for school of motoring, driving instructor vehicles and taxis, but they can be a great way of advertising for any business. They can be supplied with or without internal illumination.

Discounts for Quantities

Price Guide for some common sizes
Remember we can make any size

up to (inch)
upto (mm)
per pair
24 x 8
600 x 200
£40 pair
24 x 12
600 x 300
£45 pair
24 x 16
600 x 400
£55 pair
24 x 24
600 x 600
£75 pair
28 x 12
700 x 300
£65 pair
28 x 16
700 x 400
£75 pair
32 x 12
800 x 300
£75 pair
32 x 16
800 x 400
£85 pair
36 x 12
900 x 300
£85 pair
36 x 20
900 x 500
£95 pair
40 x 16
1000 x 400
£95 pair
40 x 20 1000 x 500 £100 pair
40 x 24 1000 x 600 £110 pair
48 x 24 1200 x 600 £125 pair
60 x 24
1500 x 600
£145 pair
All prices are + carriage & VAT
Magnetic Signs
Vauxhall Movano SWB
1000mm x 500mm
Magnetic Vehicle Signs
Ford Transit 350 SWB
1000mm x 400mm
Magnetic Signs
Renault Kangoo
1000mm x 400mm
Magnetic Vehicle Signs
Ford Transit 100 SWB
800mm x 400mm
Magnetic Signs
Ford Escort
1000mm x 400mm
Magnetic Vehicle Signs
Vauxhall Astra
700mm x 300mm
Magnetic Signs
Citreon Berlingo (Peugeot Partner)
1000mm x 400mm

Discounts for Quantities

Full Colour Graphics

magnetic signs

Miscellaneous Magnetics

magnetic signs
Hazchem (Hazardous Chemical) Magnetics

Magnetic Hazardous chemical
vehicle identification plate

400mm x 300mm

1 pair £25
2-4 pair £20 pair
5-9 pair £18 pair
10 + pair £16 pair
Prices exclude carriage & VAT
Magnetic Signs
Reflective Magnetic Chevron sheets cut to your required shape and size.
Chervons Mag 01

Magnetic Chevrons

2 off 450mm x 600mm

Chevrons Mag 02

Magnetic Chevrons

2 off 900mm x 300mm

Magnetic Chevron

For you to cut to shape
and size as required

1 pair £55
2-4 pair £45 pair
5-9 pair £40 pair
10 + pair £35 pair
Prices exclude carriage & VAT
magnetic signs
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If you can't find what you are looking for or you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Magnetic Vehicle Signs

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