King Khafre


King Khafre (Egyptian Museum, Cairo)
The astonishingly beautiful seated statue of Khafre, more famously known for the construction of the second pyramid, is a particular favourite of mine.
A fourth dynasty ruler of the Old Kingdom, Khafre (Egyptian) or Cephren (Greek) succeeded to the throne 2558-2532BC.
The statue cast in diorite is of athletic proportions, which is common in Egyptian art, and projects a hauntingly powerful image.
To anyone with a keen eye for aesthetics the facial features are particularly stunning, detailing life-like contours cleverly sculptured by unknown artisans.
The falcon embracing the King is symbolic as Protector and is a representation of the God ‘Horus’.

Truly a masterpiece.

Deborah Rolph
Founder & Treasurer of the NELEA, 2001.
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