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Welcome to the North East Lincs Egyptology Association


21st November update.

For 2013 we are planning a schedule of visits to events
laid on by the A.E.M.E.S. at Horncastle
and T.A.W.S. at Boston.
The intention is to lay on transport at the association's expense, possibly a minicoach, and for members/visitors to pay for their own event ticket with guests welcome to take any spare coach seats. If you would be interested in attending any of these events then please send email or contact the committee.

AEMES Calendar for 2013

All events held at Bishop Grosseteste University College, Lincoln unless specified otherwise.
January 18: Members only group visit to Ashmolean Museum (Paul Collins), Oxford
February 9: Carol Andrews
1. “What the traveller never sees: what you missed in Egypt!”
2. “The iconography of ancient Egyptian eroticism”

March 16: Members only group visit to Manchester Museum (Campbell Price)

April 13: Glenn Godenhoe
1. “The Amarna Letters and Letters from Amarna”
2. “Ramose and the Aten”

June 1: Study Day
Garry Shaw: Two talks - topics tbc (Egypt)
Irving Finkel: Two talks – topics tbc (Mesopotamia)
Jonathan Tubb: Two talks – topics tbc (Levant)

July 13: Aidan Dodson
1. “Of Tanis and Thebes: Third Intermediate Period Egypt”
2. “The Empire of Kush”

September 14: George Hart
1. “Alexander the Great and the Conquest of Egypt” 
2. “The Rediscovery of Ancient Egypt”

October 26: Alan Lloyd
1. “Egyptian Attitudes to the Persian Occupations”
2. “Herodotus: an Ancient Greek in Ancient Egypt”

December 7: Stephen Buckley/Joann Fletcher
Two talks - topics tbc

The Ancient World Society
Dear Members and Friends,

News of Coming Events 2012-13
All meetings at the Boston & County Club

Tuesday 11th December 7.30pm… TAWS Annual Christmas Event – our seasonal sausage’n’mash! Book now. ..Book now....Book now!!

Thursday 14th February 7.30pm…Derek Coates returns to TAWS and asks ‘Whatever Happened to Nefertiti?’

Thursday 11th April 7.30pm…Debbie Miller, a regular speaker at TAWS, will give a talk on Witchcraft in ancient Mesopotamia and Assyria.

Thursday 30th May 7.30pm…TAWS’ favourite, Ron Abbott, gives a talk on ancient Crete including a travelogue of his eventful tour of the island.

Saturday 6th July 10.30am… A full day to celebrate TAWS’ 10TH Anniversary! Dylan Bickerstaffe will reprise and update his talk on DNA testing, Chairman Michael Hoadley will give his Anniversary lecture on the ancient Canaanites, plus a third speaker – details TBA

TAWS: I am writing to advise you that, at our recent Annual General Meeting and following the Treasurer’s report, it was felt that we must increase the entry fee charged on the door at our regular evening events.
I am aware that these are difficult times for everyone and I am really sorry that this decision has been necessary. The cost of hiring the room at the Boston & County Club has increased this year by 20% and, as we are a small group, we have not been covering the cost of the events in recent months even with the money from our regular raffle.
The increase will not be implemented until next year but from Thursday 14th February 2013 the entry fee at the door will be £4 per member and £5.50 per non-member.
I trust that you will continue to support us. I have already completed much of next year’s programme and will give you details as soon as dates and speakers are finalised.
I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our Seasonal Sausage’n’Mash meal on Tuesday 11th December.
With my very best wishes,

Michael Hoadley

Treasurer: Ron Abbott Tel: 01205 362777

Secretary: Sandy Davey Tel: 01205 722997

The David Rohl lecture was fascinating!

'The Bible – Myth or History?'


Short bio on David Rohl here

Contact the webmanager
Or if you use Hotmail or Yahoo then copy & paste this into the address box:

David visited us a few years back in 2004 to give one of his lectures - see below.

Latest news from our chairman is that a new job in Grimsby means he will be available to attend future meetings.

The content below is a potted history of what the NELEA have been up to over the months and years, meetings, museum trips and visits to other local groups etc. It should give the newcomer an idea of what we're about.

Recent meetings have been based around a fascinating dvd series on Ancient Egypt by Bob Brier, courtesy of Derek, our newsletter scribe.

Study Day attended by several members
Unveiling the Norwich Shroud: an ancient Egyptian shroud conserved and revealed
Stevenson Lecture Theatre
Ever since it was donated to Norwich Castle Museum in the 1920s by the Colman family of Norfolk, this rare Book of the
Dead shroud had been tightly folded into a small bundle the size of a shoe box. In a recent joint project with the British Museum,
the shroud has been unfolded, conserved and researched, and its long-kept secrets laid bare.
Speakers from both museums, including John Taylor, AES curator, David Saunders, Keeper of CSR, Janet Ambers, Senior Scientist,
and Monique Pullan, Senior Textile Conservator, will present how the shroud came into the Norwich Castle collection, the work involved in
conserving it, the results of the scientific analysis, and the light that the text sheds on the life and times of the shroud’s owner.

We took a coach full down to the big smoke for the Book of The Dead exhibition:
British Museum exhibition!

November - Book reviews courtesy of our newsletter scribe, Derek. September - Steve gave us a run through of what's known about the great royal wife of Ramesses II,
Nefertari (The most beautifull of them all)

May was an interesting talk on weights and measures in ancient Egypt.

April was a quiz by the chairman on previous lecture subjects.

March night was a fascinating insight into the bloodline and DNA links of Amenhotep - Tutmose - Tutankhamun including possibilities surrounding Nefertiti.

For february it was an exciting time in the hotel bar as some of the members were engrossed with Eastenders, the serious members made themselves comfortable in the lecture room with some of the chairman's bawdy videos off his works laptop before the meeting proper commenced. We're not just a bunch of old boffins and swatty bookworms.

KNH Centre, Manchester

24 June 2010 KNH Centre Summer School: Egyptology in Manchester.
Im attending the event on the 6th? And if you have any members who use social networking sites? We have a group on Facebook called "Forensic Egyptology" , It may be of interest?
Sarah Shepherd

January AGM went smoothly with treasury details, ususal interaction and then one of the chairman's talks based on his first NELEA lecture way-back in the mists of time.
DECEMBER MEETING was a fun night as usual but the snowy weather meant that quite a few couldn't make the event. Steve was ploughing through snowbound traffic on the A1 taking five hours to get home instead of two and Kathryn found the A46 from Rasen closed. The raffle was a roaring success and the party nibbles soon disappeared.

For November our chairman tested our knowledge with a quiz - nothing too heavy and no-one left the room early in fear of a dismal result. The raffle was drawn early to allow one member to leave before the quiz finished!
Many thanks to Graham for his update on what's happening on the visitor scene in Egypt after his recent holiday. He advised us that NO CAMERAS OR VIDEO EQUIPMENT ARE ALLOWED IN THE VALLEY OF THE KINGS although mobile phones are still permissible. Steve noted that the flash on mobile phone cameras cannot be disabled on some phones so beware in the tombs where photography is prohibited.

Apologies for the lack of recent updates, Virging Media who host our website caused a breakdown when they upgraded their server software at the start of September. Hopefully things will get back to normal when I figure out how to operate the new applications.

There was no august meeting as usual but a dozen members took a coach trip to HIGHCLERE CASTLE on sunday 16th August to view their NEW EGYPTIAN EXHIBITION. The weather was perfect - blue skies and a gentle breeze. Ideal conditions for a most delightful picnic lunch on the lawns taking in the wide landscape scenery and gardens. The castle and it's exhibits were top-notch as expected.

Our July meeting was centred around the subject of 'The Hidden Meaning In Ancient Egyptology.' This was a lecture originally presented by our chairman some years back before most of the members present had joined us. The attentive silence throughout the talk paid compliment to the detailed content. Our newest member won the raffle!

Our june meeting was Steve's opportunity to give us his presentation on Egypt In England. Details of artifacts unearthed over here which started off with romanesque possessions and ended with the hidden compartments in Highclere House where his lordship stashed a few items for safe keeping.
The raffle was won by - almost everyone!
(something fishy going on there.)

On April 23rd we hosted Dylan Bickerstaff who presented his lecture on Mummies and details/photos of his visit (by invitation) to the tomb where the cache of royal mummies was found. There was a full house with a good few non members attending from as far away as Lincoln and the audience was well impressed with the content, even someone with very little interest in mummies -me- found something of value in the talk. The association now has a carousel slide projector & table for future presentations.

Our February meeting was well supported with three new members attending. The chairman gave one of his enlightening lectures.

Our Chairman continued is Lecture series at the november meeting and also continued his lucky run on the raffle!

If you have a bit of spare reading time and like a good adventure story then here's something I found very intriguing, egyptology - south american history - earths prehistory - cydonia - a night spent in the Queen's Chamber.

There are also countless links to further interesting reading.
The Library of Halexandria

Many thanks to Steve, our chairman for his enlightening talk on HEADWEAR IN ANCIENT EGYPT at the june '08 meeting. I'm sure all present gained a deeper insight into the why's and wherefore's of the subject and it generated some active discussion. A token recompense for his time spent in compiling the talk was taken in the form of a long awaited win on the raffle - a moment that will no doubt go down in history.

Thanks for visiting us online, if you're in the Grimsby area and have an active interest in egyptology then please get in touch via email on:
Our website of the past two years has disappeared so we're back with the previous site which is a bit easier to manage and update after meetings and when new info becomes available.
Below is a record of what we got upto a while back, some interesting events with a few good speakers. In november of 2007 we had Joyce Filer and Charlotte Booth over in Grimsby for an afternoon & they gave us a couple of really good lectures. For the 2006 main event we had Joanne Fletcher and her partner for an afternoon where we found out all about mysterious mummies, one in particular!!
We meet up most months on the third thursday, 8.00pm usually at the Hotel Elizabeth on Littlecoates Road near the Trawl public house / Grimsby golf club. Everone's welcome to the meetings, you don't have to pay annual subs but the hotel like us to cough up a pound a piece to pay the electric bill. We usually hold a raffle.

Archive info:
There may be one or two dead links and obsolete contacts etc. Please email us with details of these if you find them.

Here's something with a Grimsby mention I found recently:
A mummy and a Belly dancer???

The highlight of our meeting on march 31st was a debriefing by Graham Charles of his recent visit to Egypt with his brother. They stayed at Luxor using it as a base to visit the nearby temples and museums also taking in a flight to Giza. Graham remarked on how inexpensive it is over there at the moment with an exchange rate of about 12 Egyptian pounds to one English pound. He brought back some souvenir notebooks etc. for raffle prizes which made a topical addition to the fine grill pack from Maltby's butcher shop which was taken home by Val Cox.
We welcomed Trish and Roger who had previously not been able to get to any of our meetings.

We started the proceedings for this year with a night at the Navy Club in Cleethorpes on thursday 17th feb. Our chairman set out the schedule for the year ahead:

March 5th Saturday
Egypt Exploration society & MAES study day.
'Excavations in Egypt and the Sudan'

March 31st Thursday
Social evening - 8.00 Cleethorpes Navy Club

April 16TH & 17TH
Reading University - 'Test of time'
Full weekend lectures £85 + £30/night accommodation
David Rohl - New Chronology in Full.
May 12th Thursday
Social evening - 8.00 Cleethorpes Navy Club

June 4th Saturday
AEMES - 'Urartu pert II' - Debbie Miller,
'The Tomb of Osiris at Abydos' - Aiden Dodson

June 23rd Thursday
Social evening - 8.00 Cleethorpes Navy Club

July     Museum visit (Liverpool?)

August 4th Thursday
Social evening - 8.00 Cleethorpes Navy Club

September 3rd Saturday AEMES
'Sphinxes' - Margaret Beaumont,
'Ptolemaic Alexandria, a beacon of culture'
- Ron Abbot

September 15th Thursday
Social evening - 8.00 Cleethorpes Navy Club

October 22nd probably noon til four
Secrets of the great Pyramid - Alan F Alford
Grimsby College Lecture.

October 27th Thursday
Social evening - 8.00 Cleethorpes Navy Club

December 8th Thursday
Social evening - 8.00 Cleethorpes Navy Club

Our presentation day featuring David Rohl was a successful event attended by guests from the Ancient Egypt & Middle East Society at Horncastle, The Ancient World Society at Boston, our own members and other guests from around the counties. It was the coldest weekend of the year so far and this was noticed by the fact that the theatre heating had been left off by the caretaker, nevertheless, everyone was engrossed in the detail of David's lectures and much favourable feedback has been received. David and his wife Ditas were collected later in the evening and Steve and myself enjoyed further discussions with them over a good chinese meal.

The second of September meeting at the R.A.F.A. Headquarters in Cleethorpes went well with strong advance ticket sales for the Presentation by DAVID ROHL on November 20th at the Franklin College, Grimsby.
David Rohl is one of the biggest names on the lecture circuit with some interesting ideas on ancient history! He recently lectured at Reading University and has been published in the main sunday newspapers, several books and
television programmes -

Breakdown for the afternoon as follows:
1.00pm - 2.00pm Shishak & Shoshenk - a case of mistaken identity
tea break
2.30pm - 3.30pm The Israelites in Egypt
tea break
4.00pm - 5.00pm Egyptian Genesis

Our chairman gave us all another teach-in on hieroglyphics & cartouches and we all had a good discussion on ways to publicise the presentation.

The visit to Bolton Museum in june which was hosted by their curator, Angela Thomas was a rare chance for the fifteen members who went to go down into the basement and enjoy priveliged viewing of archived items not on display to the public. These included such things as mummified fish, birds and human remains through textiles and shabtis, all the way down to minute frog and snake scarabs. The Egyptian section contained items from the pleistocene era through to Roman times. This NELEA visit to Bolton was fully as successful as our previous visit! We reviewed the trip with a good selection of photographs at our last evening school on july 15th at Highcliff, Cleethorpes which included a teach-in on translating hieroglyphics starting with some
royal names.
Lisa Bryant gave us a run down on her recent visit to Egypt and donated some genuine Egyptian statuetes for raffle prizes.

As a result of an offer by our chairman to assist the Bolton Museum, we are looking forward to further visits to photograph and log more of their archived Egyptian collection some of which is still an unknown quantity and remains wrapped in packing tissue.

Four members took the long trip to Reading University in april for a lecture by David Rohl on the Exodus and matters of related interest, we heard a report at the following social evening, plans are underway to secure David Rohl or another suitably qualified speaker to address a presentation later in the year..

Our march meeting enjoyed the hospitality at the
Royal Airforce Association Headquarters
on Highcliff, Cleethorpes, close to the site of where the old J.D.'s Nightclub
is being redeveloped.
Shown during the meeting were some 'never before seen in public' photographs of Egypt around the time of the second world war which were taken by Major Clixby-Fitzwilliams during his missions as a reconaissance pilot in a Supermarine Seafire (these were the aircraftcarrier-launched Spitfires used by the Navy)
The main point noted was the infill of buildings near the Pyramids and the absence of some of the boat pits and a difficulty in spotting people standing around which would not be a problem today.
We would like to thank Major Clixby-Fitzwilliams for allowing us to see these remarkable photographs.
Our social evenings are planned as a learning experience and a varied selection of digital images presented by Steve, our chairman, gave the subject matter for a quiz, the winner was none other than our retired secretary Sheila Crask who got in first with the answer for the tie-breaker with Lisa Bryant and carried home a bottle of fine red wine. The raffle prize, a butcher's pack of various meats was claimed by Val Cox, one of our new members.

Another daytrip to Horncastle on february 21st showed the AEMES group that we mean business with around half the audience made up of NELEA members and they all enjoyed the day including one or two of our newly signed up members.

Our January social evening at the Wellow Hotel, Cleethorpes, had this website as it's main theme for the evening. Members were given a detailed run-down of the pages and links available and a briefing on how the site is built.

The NELEA presentation "A trip down The Nile" was held at the Cleethorpes Library,
on Thursday, 30th November, at 7.15 p.m.
Our chairman has visited Egypt many times and gave this lecture as a taster to those who would like to go and a reminder to those who have already had the chance to visit Egypt.

Our last visit to Horncastle was for a lecture by Sue Kirk, who is the Secretary at AEMES, and her subject was on BES, followed in the afternoon by Bob Partridge speaking on Fighting Pharaohs - weapons & warfare,

If You're into Arabian dancing, also known as Belly-dancing then find out more here:
The Middle Eastern Dance Studio
orgasnised by Bayda of Latakia, Syria. Here's some shots of her team in action at their
July 2003 Hafla.
The page contains many photos and will take time to load.

The August social evening on the fourteenth was held at The Wellow hotel which had good car parking, plenty of seating area and free use of their projector screen for Steve's powerpoint presentations. The screen was used to display pictures which Samantha and Steve had arranged as a quiz format - the winner received a prize donated by Samantha. A raffle was also held with some of the prizes offered by the members.
The night went on late as usual with a committee meeting held afterwards to finalise some treasury business after the recent changeover. We are no longer using this venue.

The Ancient Egypt and Middle East Society (AEMES) Weekend was held on 10/11 May 2003 at Horncastle College, on Mareham Road.
I managed to attend at the eleventh hour and the ....(read the full report!)

The NELEA Presentation at the
"The Hidden Meaning In Egyptian Art"
by our chairman Steve Johnson.
on WEDNESDAY APRIL 23rd was a revealing insight into the translation of Ancient Egyptian drawings into something which a modern day viewer could understand. Judging by the riveted appearance of the audience, everyone was intrigued with the content of this particular lecture.
Several new members joined on the evening.

Our social evening at the Kings Royale on February 13th was a great night out for all who could make it on a frosty night in Cleethorpes, word of our association is spreading with more recruitment to build the membership numbers.

gave us a real treat with some lively Egyptian numbers and it seems they now have some enthusiastic followers in the N.E.L.E.A.
Here's a taster for you:

Good company and fine weather was the order of the day when NELEA visited AEMES at Horncastle on 19th november.

Fifteen members heard an illustrated talk on Amuletic Jewelry by Moira Nolan, then after a hearty lunch, continued with a talk on The Old Kingdom Tomb Reliefs and Their Development by Daphne Skinner.

Here are some of our members - all smiling! (was there a free bar?)

Please e-mail us with any comments!

Our presentation evening on Thursday 19th September at the GRIMSBY CENTRAL LIBRARY on the subject of Egyptian Gods and Temples went smoothly.
This was a joint presentation by Steve Johnson (chairman) and Debbie Rolph. Promotion and advertising by Sheila Crask. More new members joined our association on the night!

The Presentation about the Valley Of The Kings by our Chairman, Steve Johnson, at The Cleethorpes Library was received very well by all in attendance and as our first public presentation was a milestone for our association.
We would like to thank all for turning up and especially those who joined the association on the evening.

Annual membership of the North East Lincolnshire Egyptology Association can be had for the very reasonable sum of £7.50 If you would like to discuss joining then please send us your contact details and we'll be in touch!
Any current member is welcome to put forward ideas they have which would further enhance our set-up such as places to visit, articles for the newsletter or website, or hot info on news and discoveries in Egypt.

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