.....................Nottingham Victoria Ticket Collection

These ticket images were kindly sent to me by Wayne Asher- if you have any other tickets that could fit in this section- let me know!

Dated : 1st July 1967

Dated: 27 March 1965. Ticket was for cheap travel for railway staff and their families

Dated: 15 December 1966. Excess fair paid because the normal route from Victoria would have been by the GC line and on to York. But this had closed by the date on this ticket!

Dated: 9th November 1960

Dated: 27th February 1963

Dated: 27th February 1963

Dated: 6th January 1961

Dated: 1st September 1967

Dated: 12th November 1963. LNER ticket still on sale 15 years after nationalisation!

Dated: 28th September 1964

Undated. Issued free for people who needed to get to the stationmaster’s office on the platform

Undated. Early post nationalisation issue, printed in the style of the former LMSR.