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I'm hoping that on these pages I can create the biggest online Victoria photo gallery- but I need your help for this! I need any photos you have or any links to photos you have. If your photos are not on computer then do email me and we can sort something out. I'm not just looking for Victoria photos; I'm also looking for any other Great Central Railway pictures- particulary the section from Nottingham to Leicester as this is the section I'm creating with computer simulation- see this page for details.
Note: Sources of images have been qouted (where possible) by providing a link to the relavent book/website in my bibliography. Do please take a look at this section as some great books are in it.

Photo section is not yet complete- being worked on now! Some sections are done- take a look round

 Nottingham Victoria Pictures

 Other GCR Pictures- See Train Simulator Page

Ticket Collection Page