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I intend to create the former Great Central Railway from Nottingham Victoria to Leicester Central. This will be done in stages with the line slowly expanding as and when I can create it.
Creating routes is very tricky as the editors are fairly complex. It is going to be a fair while before this MSTS route is released, if at all as I'm short of time!

There are a number of pieces of information required with which to create these routes. I've defined these as:

Station or other important area name Current state and pictures available to me for 3d modelling
(pictures are thumbnails- click to get full view; photos taken from books in Bibliography unless stated)
Nottingham Victoria Station A shopping centre with virtually no trace - only clock tower remains. Many photos exist of many parts of the station. See rest of this site for photos of Victoria
Weekday Cross Junction Mostly recently demolished with only tunnel and small sections of viaduct left. A good number of photos exist of the tunnel and junction. A decent picture of the signal box is required though. A few sample images:

This shows the viaduct near Weekday Cross:
Bridge over Midland line Demolished in the early 1980's. A number of pictures are available. An early photo:
Arkwright Street Station Not a single trace remaining- area redeveloped. I have two photos:
Queen's Walk yard No trace- area redeveloped. I have a full track layout and a small collection of photos:
  A picture of the engine shed: 
Bridge over River Trent Demolished in 1980's- embankment remains on southern side. A number of good photos exist. Here's one of them:
Ruddington Station Overgrown wasteland- platform exists under weeds (minus buildings). Bridge remains intact. Area threatened with housing although there are plans to reopen the station eventually. I have two photos:
'50 steps' bridge Exists and in use. I have a photo (somewhere!)- more can be taken easily.
Gotham Sidings & Branch Single, in use, track runs through open space- branch formation remains. Branch and sidings (along with signal box) are being rebuilt. No photos as yet.
Rushcliffe Halt Station Intact but minus footbridge and station signs. To be re-opened very soon. A couple of good pictures are here:
East Leake Station Platform intact (but under weeds and young trees). Buildings demolished. Many good pictures of whole station from various angles. Here's a sample of the many pictures I have (still would love a colour picture!):
Barnstone Tunnel Overgrown a bit each end but otherwise fine. I have a good picture:
Stanford Viaduct Few coping stones missing but otherwise fine. I have a good picture:
Bridge over Midland line at Loughborough Demolished with embankment missing on southern side. To be replaced eventually. A picture of the bridge:
Loughborough Central Station Part of preserved GCR and in very good condition. Easy to photograph- a sample:
Quorn & Woodhouse Station Preserved and in good condition. Recently took good close ups of buildings. See this page for Quorn pictures (note the pictures are not thumbnailed so may take a few minutes to load).
Swithland Sidings & Mountsorrel Branch Now a four track main line with new signal box to be opened. Branch line- some formation remains. Need to get some pictures.
Rothley Station Preserved and in good condition. Took some photos recently. See them here. Photos not thumbnailed so take a time to load!
Belgrave & Birstall Station Platform & buildings demolished. New station built on site called Leicester North. Original station photos- only a few in my possession, here's a few:
Abbey Lane sidings & Leicester viaducts Sidings no longer exist; many viaducts removed. A pictures of some of the viaducts:
Leicester Central Station Demolished and now used as a car park & industrial area. Small sections of platform remain. Platform building photos tricky to find but have a few photos:

A view of the road level building which still survives today:

In addition to all these various signal boxes, lineside buildings and goods buildings need to be added. Also you need to put farms, villages and cities in... - about 50% complete

As you see a fair bit to do! Only Loughborough, Quorn & Woodhouse and Rothley remain intact complete with original buildings- these can be easily photographed. The other country stations are quite similar so could be simply copied - although it would be good to have at least one good picture of the other stations just to vary them a bit. Ruddington station is where the photos are a bit lacking- only really the one decent picture but the station was very similar to Quorn so could be modelled as a copy. East Leake is similar but has it's station above road level rather than below it- a number of good photos exist anyway. Rushcliffe Halt didn't really have any buildings so will be easy plus a number of pictures exist. Arkwright Street station is of two platform design and I have a few photos. The big problems lie with Nottingham Victoria (since it is very large and complex) and Leicester Central (large and not many building photos). Not to mention the various loco sheds and goods buildings on the outskirts of Nottingham & Leicester now long gone. This is where I need help! I'm looking for good quality (and preferably colour- although that's not vital) photos of Nottingham Victoria, Leicester Central, Ruddington and any other significant buildings along this section. I do have quite a few pictures in books (namely 'The Great Central: Then and Now' by Mac Hawkins; 'The Great Central Rail Tour' by John M.C. Healy; 'The Last Years of the Great Central Main Line' by Robert Robotham; 'Railways in and around Nottingham' by V. Forster & W. Taylor) so I won't need any of these again. Ideally they need to be clear shots of the sides of the building (i.e. not obscured or at too odder angle) - it doesn't need to be just a single building - it could be the whole side of the station. Also I'm looking for ANY pictures of Nottingham Victoria station since that's what this site is dedicated to! If you have any photos (be they fit my criteria or not) then please do email them to me! Or if you don't have them on your computer contact me and we can sort something out! All pictures received will go up on this website (whether used on the game or not) and will be fully credited.
Signalling- that is a big problem as I'm unsure where to get a signalling diagram- any ideas??

This is quite a project and any ideas, suggestions or help is much appreciated!

Progress so far on the simulator route (updated as I work!):

Route building put on hold due to other commitments (21/8/02)

Made a short route with MSTS (completely fictional) - take a look at the screenshots (5/7/01)

Getting used to MSTS editors- going to be a long time before routes are released... (4/7/01)

Rothley station pictures taken and many updates to simulator pages (9/3/2001)

This page restructured with photos and more information (7/2/2001)

Photos of Quorn Station taken (15/12/2000)

This website is produced and goes online (15/11/2000)