................................GCR Timetables : 10th September 1962 - 16th June 1963

Now under the management of British Rail Midland Region the line was being run at a somewhat reduced timetable compared to earlier years. Two stations had been closed on the 29th September 1958: Braunstone & Willoughby and Culworth so no longer appear in the timetable. The timetables have been taken from a small booklet of which the cover can be seen below. There is also a map of the line along with an enlargement of the Nottingham area. It is quite interesting to compare this to the 1965-1966 map. (These images click through to expanded versions which are quite large)

Regional Map Nottingham Map

There are four pages to this timetable covering the mid week & weekend services.
(These files are around 400-500k each)

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Changes from 4th March 1963

The original timetable was dropped on this date following the closure of many of the stations. Express & local services were taken off the line to leave a programme of semi-fast trains running between London & Nottingham (and sometimes Sheffield) calling at all remaining open stations. This poster shows this information:

Semi Fast
(click on poster for larger version)

See the timetables of 1965-1966 for more detail on how this service ran.

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