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My name is Nick Willis and I'm a 25 year old software developer from Nottingham. I've had an interest in The Great Central Railway since a young age when my dad took me to the Loughborough based preserved section of it on a regular basis.

More recently I've rekindled this interest and have been reading lots of books about the route and I am a working member at Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre, Ruddington where GCR (N) are based. I have also redeveloped their website for them.

Nottingham Victoria station particularly took my interest as firstly it's superb Victorian architecture and and cathedral like structure really impressed me. Secondly it's terrible demise, demolition and replacement with an ugly looking shopping centre, flats and car park is a saddening mistake made by planners in the 1960's. The terrible blight on Nottingham's city centre has long been regretted.

I made this site as I could find little other web based information on this great station. I've also expanded to cover other areas of the GCR.
The release of Microsoft Train Simulator prompted me to think about making a GCR route for it and was to use this website as a basis to gather photos and information. However, lack of time has meant this project has gone on permanent hold. I have however created a route for the Japanese rail sim 'BVE'- this can be found on the Train Sim pages.

Any ideas, suggestions or photos for this site are always appreciated!

To contact me you can either email, or more preferably- use the site's chat forum. I've had a number of emails with questions or station memories which would be best suited to our forum where more people can see them and respond. If you really need to email me then you can get me on the following address.
Note: I don't have much time to respond at the moment so cannot gaurantee a reply hence I recommend posting on the forum which you can access here

E-mail: victoria.station@ntlworld.com
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My (now ex) girlfriend Laura (on the right) looking very cold at Quorn station after I dragged her there so I could take photos of the buildings!

More coming soon maybe....