I've used a variety of sources for information and images- I have attempted to credit all photos and maps in the gallery. The sources used included books all of which are really worth buying as they are a good read and go into far more depth than I ever could. Any problems with credited sources please let me know and I'll do my best to correct it! The books are as follows:

Railways In and Around Nottingham by V. Forster & W. Taylor

Published by: Foxline by 1991
Details: This book is filled with many superb black & white photos of railways in Nottingham. The Victoria section is very extensive and describes the whole station in detail. Many photos have been taken from this book and much information from the text has been used.

The Great Central: Then And Now by Mac Hawkins

Published by: David & Charles by 1991
Details: This is an excellent book which covers the entire GC route from Sheffield to London. It has photos taken when the line was open with corresponding photos taken recently in the exact same spot. This makes for very interesting comparisons. The recent pictures were taken in 1989 so are a little dated now but the comparisons are still very marked.

The Last Days of The Great Central Main Line by Robert Robotham

Published by: Ian Allan Ltd in 1986
Details: This interesting book describes the route and goes on to explain why the line was closed and what happened when. A vast quantity of photos of the route are shown from hey day to demise. A number of good Victoria shots are in this book. Motive power, passenger services and freight services are all explained and pictured. A very interesting read.

The Great Central Rail Tour by M.C. Healy

Published by: Unicorn Books in 1989
Details: This book has a good variety of pictures including ones taken during the construction of the line as well as pictures of the end of the line. A variety of useful Victoria pictures are in this book. A number of interesting parts of the line are covered. Well worth getting a copy.

A Century of Nottingham by Douglas Whitworth

Published by: Sutton Publishing Ltd. in 1999
Details: A superb book for anyone interested in Nottingham and its past. This book contains photos from the last century covering every aspect of the city including transport, housing, shopping and entertainment. The various shots of Market Square are particularly interesting. A few Victoria photos are in the book.

Manchester To Marylebone - a short history of the Great Central Railway by Robert F. Hartley

Published by: Leicestershire Museums in 1986
Details: A good historical guide to the Great Central from its firsts lines around Manchester, Sheffield and Lincoln through to the building of the London Extension to its final closure. This book has many good pictures particulary on stations in the north. It doesn't have Victoria photos but has quite a few good pictures of Leicester Central and some of the bridges around the station.

Nottingham's Railways - From the Bill Reed Collection compiled by Peter Tuffrey

Published by: The Chalford Publishing Company in 1997
Details: A very good book showing a vast number of Nottingham's stations. The GCR north of Nottingham in the Bulwell to Basford area is particulary well covered. There are some 'then & now' pictures too. There are some good Victoria pictures.