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This site is dedicated to the former grand railway station that once stood in Nottingham city centre. It contains an informative library of photos and information. Also, a PC simulation of the Great Central Railway is available to download.

Website news:

28/04/12 - Dead forum removed (no longer used anyway).
28/03/08 - Forum Fixed Again! After a server move the forum had gone down - it's back now and to stay this time!
3/9/06 - Forum Fixed
Finally got around to fixing the broken forum. We had a server crash a while back so had to recreate the forum. Please use the forum for submissions of photos, memories, ideas & any thing else Vic station or GCR
16/4/06 - New forum added!
I've updated the forum to a pop-up/advert free version which looks and works much better than the old one. I'd like to encourage people to post questions/memories onto the forum instead of emailing me as I rarely get time to reply. I apologise to those who have mailed me and not got a reply - I do read them all. The new forum will allow you to reach a greater audience for your questions and have more chance of a reply. You don't have to register to post (although registering does mean you can receive an email when someone replies to your question!). Thanks for your support!

22/9/05 - Another update! In fact some brand new photos into the gallery! Dan Lucas has kindly provided a set of photos showing the views from and around the Victoria Flats which stand on the station site. Some alternative views of the clock tower can be seen here. Head over to the photo gallery and click on 'present day' to see the collection.
- Also corrected/removed the bad links from the links page.
- Trainsim & BVE pages updated (link correction) and all files now hosted on my server and not pesky angelfire! Note that the BVE route has not and will not be updated.

20/9/05 - Yes, no updates in a whole year! As you've probably guessed, I'm not really updating this site anymore but will be leaving it in place and doing minor fixes here & there as needed. Thanks for all the many emails with memories, photos & other info and I can only apologise a million times for often not replying to them. I do read them all but fail to respond! I suggest that people use the forum we have here since other people can then respond to your comments and I shall be more proactive in responses on there!
I have added a few of your emailed memories to the Memories section in the History area and corrected a bad link.

The BVE route: I'm unsure if it works with the latest BVE version - not used it in ages!
MSTS route: No longer on the agenda...
Hope you enjoy the site!

2/8/04 - Fixed BVE download link! You should now be able to download my BVE route again. NOTE: I am no longer updating the route! I have also attempted to fix a number of broken links too!
2/5/04 - Fixed message board link. Ezboard changed their servers which stopped the forum working! Its working now so get posting!
1/2/04 - New link added to the new 'Bridging The Gap' website.
13/1/04 - Links page revamped! Removed dead links and added a new link to Digital Rail Works; a site about a GCR Train Sim project. Check it out.
18/8/03 - New link added - VBuilder3D. An application to help in the design of new routes & rolling stock.
28/7/03 - Another link update - and some new ones added to the message board- come join in the discussions!
30/6/03 - Updated out of date link. Look out for some news on an upcoming simulator project...
11/6/03 - New link added- Railway Archive. This is well worth a look!
29/4/03 - An update! Albeit a minor one.. Yes I am still here, but somewhat busy with exams! I have corrected some HTML code in various parts of the site making it much cleaner (although you may not notice much difference visually - it makes it alot easier to edit!) Also put spam traps onto the email links as I think the dreaded email harvesters have found this site...
20/12/02 - New memory added to site - see station history section for this interested read...
9/10/02 - New link to links page....
27/9/02 - Corrected BVE route download link so it now works again! Sorry to those who have been trying for the last week or so.
13/9/02 - Update to Photo Gallery - Victoria Construction Photos to include details on the location of the Newton photo collection & the upcoming website being produced by Leicestershire Record Office.
11/9/02 - MAJOR update to the site! Have updated almost every page on the site- a summary of the changes is here:

2/7/02 - Angelfire web hosting have cut the storage space down to 20mb so I've had to rearrange various files- you shouldn't notice any changes but if you find a broken link please let me know!
28/6/02 - New file for BVE route! Some people have experienced problems with missing objects- head to the simulator page for an update.
27/6/02 - Many updates today! Added a new section to the photo pages- tickets from Victoria. There's a good selection from the 50's & 60's- do take a look. Also more information has been added to the history section including an article from Railway Magazine (from 1966) in the memories section. A minor update to About Me section too. Hopefully more updates coming soon!
14/6/02 - Update to links page
If you haven't already- visit the forum!

24/5/02 - Time for an update of things going on at this site!

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