Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Lists
All lists include ID Numbers.
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Key:         - Secret Rare = Sec
                 - Super Rare = S
                 - Ultra Rare = U
                 - Rare = R
                 - Common = C
                 - Parallel Foil = P

Primary Sets:

Legend of the Blue Eyes White Dragon

Metal Raider

Magic Ruler

Pharaoh's Servant

Labyrinth of Nightmares

Legacy of Darkness

Pharonic Guardian

Magician's Force

Dark Crisis

Invasion of Chaos

Ancient Sanctuary

Soul of the Duelist

Rise of Destiny

Flaming Eternity

The Lost Millennium

Cybernetic Revolution

Elemental Energy

Shadow of Infinity

Enemy of Justice

Power of the Duelist



Duelist Pack Series:

Jaden Yuki

Chazz Princeton


"Essential" Reprint Sets:

Dark Beginnings 1

Dark Beginnings 2

Dark Revelation Volume 1

Dark Revelation Volume 2



Kaiba Deck

Yugi Deck

Joey Deck

Pegasus Deck

Kaiba Evolution

Yugi Evolution

GX Starter Deck

Structure Deck 1: Power of Dragons

Structure Deck 2: Zombie Madness

Structure Deck 3: Blaze of Destruction

Structure Deck 4: Fury of the Deep

Structure Deck 5: Warrior's Rage

Structure Deck 6: Spellcaster's Judgement

Structure Deck 7: Invincible Fortress

Structure Deck 8: Lord of the Storm


European Sets and Decks:
Pictures are the same as in the American sets

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Metal Raiders
(American list used)

Spell Ruler

Pharoah's Servant
(American list used)

Labyrinth of Nightmare
(American list used)

Kaiba Deck

Yugi Deck

All future Yu-Gi-Oh Printings will have the card number in the form ABC-EN123, indicating language instead of location.


Exclusive Packs

Etc/Promos/Tournament (TP?)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Collector's Tins Series 1 and 2 (images)

Collector's Tins Series 3

Collector's Tins Series 4


Tournament Pack 1

Tournament Pack 2

Tournament Pack 3

Tournament Pack 4

Tournament Pack 5

Tournament Pack 6

Tournament Pack 7


Dungeondice Monsters Spoilers:

Starter Set

Series 1: Dragonflame

Series 2: Forbidden Powers

Series 3: Ultimate Wrath


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