Comprehensive Itemfinder Locations in Pokemon Gold/Silver Kanto Region 

  Each set of directions links to a picture of where the item is. X marks the spot! 




Victory Road (1st floor)

Just as you go in the door, go left. There is a lone rock. Inside that rock.

Full Heal

Victory Road (2nd floor)

There is a ledge in the top left (have to fall onto it). The lone rock contains the item.

Max Potion

Vermillion City

Itís in the grass rock to the right of the gym.

Full Heal

R9 (Cerulean end)

Itís in the grass rock just as you go in (next to cut bush).


Cerulean/Vermillion Underground Tunnel

Itís three down from the top stair.

Full Restore

Cerulean/Vermillion Underground Tunnel

Itís five up and two to the left of the bottom stair.

X Special

Cerulean City

There is a lad in the courtyard near Mewtwoís old cave. Itís four to the left of him.

Berserk Gene


Itís in the green rock alone on the platform in the top left.



Bottom Left-hand corner of the island platform near the top



Itís in the lone green rock below the tree at the far right.



Itís in the bit of fence directly to the right of the sign near to the exit of the maze.


Celadon City

Near the bottom of town is a row of houses. Go in the second from the left. Itís in the bin that you can see.


Celadon City

This oneís still there from R/B/Y. At the far right of town is a path that leads up through the green rocks. Itís in the rock at the end.


R17 (Cycling Road)

At the bottom of the Route is a small fence. Itís in the left-hand side of that fence.

Max Elixer


There is an area of grass at the top of the route. From the bottom right-hand corner of this grass, itís up 2 and across 1.

Max Ether

Diglettís Cave

Itís in the lone rock near the Pewter Side.

Max Revive

R2 (All R2 are where the forest once was)

Itís in the gap at the top of the third row from the left.

Full Heal


Go to the gap at the bottom of the fourth row from the left. Itís in the rock on your right.

Max Ether


Go to the gap at the bottom right of this area. Itís in the rock on the bottom at the end of the gap.



Just before the Southern exit there is a group of four rocks. Itís in the top left-hand rock.

Full Restore


As you come out of Mt. Moon there is a ledge above you. Itís 1 up and 1 across from the stair.

Ultra Ball


Beneath the Poke Centre is a cut bush leading to a path. Follow this path across the route to its end. Itís in the rock at the end.

Rare Candy


Beneath the Poke Centre is a lake. On the other side of this lake is a ledge. From the bottom right-hand side of this ledge, the item is up one and across one.

Full Restore


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