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Oakwood and District Historical Society is a small group of enthusiasts who share a common interest in the past of our locality.

The Society's main aim is to inform the public about the history of the Oakwood and Roundhay areas. It is hoped that in so doing, people who live in these areas will gain an extra dimension in their appreciation of the wonderful environment in which they live and to encourage their support in preserving the good things of the past.

Local libraries and archives are a rich source of books, letters, newspapers and other documents from which discrete bits of history can be assimilated. By selecting from these and other sources, members of the Society have written articles about specific themes of local historical interest. So far, these have been published in a series of booklets called 'Oak Leaves' and our seventh book in the series is now available. At the moment this website is not intended as a replacement for them.


Oakwood Clock as shown on the front cover of 'Oak Leaves' Part One Spring 2001

Please send enquiries about ODHS matters to Mrs Hilary Dyson by email to  

For details of sales and content of 'Oak Leaves' books click on Oak Leaves

Some of the 'Oak Leaves' books are now out of print. At a recent meeting of the Society the decision was taken to put  these onto this Website. This is a developing project and progress in this direction can be found by following this link to Book Three

Several years ago members of the ODHS transcribed the Memorials and Monumental Inscriptions in the church and graveyard at St. John The Evangelist church in Roundhay, on Wetherby Road. These are recorded on this Website. Click on St. John's MIs This has been even more worthwhile as the lower graveyard is now badly overgrown since access to it was restricted for safety reasons.    

Sadly this historic church, a legacy of the Nicholson family who created the Mansion and Roundhay Park as we know it today, closed a few years ago. It had been targeted by vandals and thieves. The leading off the roof was stolen, exposing the interior of this beautiful church to the elements. On another occasion a beautiful stained-glass window was smashed in the bottom panel.

The crypt of the church contains the remains of many prominent past citizens of Roundhay including members of the Nicholson family.


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