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Monumental Inscriptions at St. John's Church, Roundhay, Leeds

The Churchyard slopes down towards the Wetherby Road where there is a short access drive to the main gate. The Church is situated half way up the slope dividing the Churchyard and may be regarded as dividing the graveyard into two. The slope runs from north to south so the top half above the Church is called the North Section with the exception of a relatively small plot of graves between the church and a wall which I shall call the Walled Section. The lower half of the graveyard below the church is the South Section.

These three sections are on separate pages of this Website with their Indexes and there is another page devoted to the inscriptions inside the Church. 

The grave codes on this Website correspond to those in the books produced by the Oakwood and District Historical Society who carried out the task of recording the Monumental Inscriptions.

For further information about St. John's Church at Roundhay including HISTORY and BURIAL REGISTER details (1827-1921) see the Church's Website This site is maintained by Peter Oldfield. I would also like to thank Peter for helping me to put the MIs of the South Section of the graveyard onto my Website.

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Monumental Inscriptions for the Walled Section.


Please note that none of the MIs for the Plaques on the Wall have yet been indexed. These have a code beginning with "W" and are at the end of the MIs recorded below. In the absence of an Index and links please search for a surname using the Edit/Find facility.

In order :- grave code, SURNAME and Christian names of those mentioned in the inscription.

A left click with the mouse on the grave code should take you to the grave inscription in the following section.

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BB3 BOYLE Edith Florence/Arthur Brian
AA1 BOYLE Emilie/Joseph
HH1 BUCKTON George/Elisabeth Ann
AA3 BUTLER Norman Gaunt/Norman/Madeleine
CC1 CATTON Harry Ernest/Constance
NN1 CLARKE William Henry/Anne Elizabeth/Escricke Joseph
BB4 DAVIES Rebecca
CC7 ELLERSHAW Jessie Beatrice/Elizabeth Reece/Arthur
JJ1 FIRTH Frederick/Lucy/William/Frederick George
DD3 GILPIN Kate/George
MM2 GINGELL Alice Maude/William Henry/Kate Eliza Willey
DD1 GREAVES William/Emma Margaret
OO1 HARTLEY Emily Eliza
OO1 HATCH Emily Eliza
EE6 HOLT Eliza Ann/Edwin
DD1 HUDDART Harriet Sarah
AA4 KITCHIN Ada Blanche/Matthew/Kathleen/Laurence
EE4 KITSON Edward Christian
GG1 KITSON Francis Reginald/James/Elisabeth
GG2 KITSON James/Ann
FF3 KITSON John Hawthorn/Jessie
AA2 JOHNSON Joseph Alfred/Hilda Mary
EE3 LAX Maggie/Henry
FF1 LILLIE Mabel Lucy/Charles William/Lucy/Frank William/Hilda May/Alice/Olive Marguerite/Sybil/Muriel
EE2 LUPTON Ella/Hugh
EE5 MIDDLETON Mary/William
OO2 OSTLER James Smith/Elizabeth Williams
OO3 OSTLER Kenneth Martyn
NN1 OSTLER Mildred Amethe
BB1 PENROSE-GREEN Sarah Ann/William/Thomas/William N./Martha/Vera Penrose May/ Leonard
LL2 SIMPSON Reginald John/Emily Judith
CC2 SMITH Edgar/Sarah Jane
CC4 SMITH Edwin/Emma
CC3 SMITH Osmund/Mary Patricia
MM1 SYKES Catherine/William Samuel
DD2 SYKES Hilda Marguerite(Peggy)/Hugh Frederick William Ramsden/Lilian
KK1 SYKES Samuel/Catherine/Harry/Edwin Stanley
DD6 TETLEY Anthony
II1 WHITLEY Sarah Robinson/Joseph
LL1 WILLEY Arthur Wellesley/Evelyn Maude/Thomas Arthur Ellicott/Gerald
AA3 WOODHEAD Frank/Clara Louise

Monumental Inscriptions

AA1 Small headstone
In loving memory of Emilie the beloved wife of Joseph BOYLE of Roundhay, died May 25th 1932 aged 77 years. Also the above Joseph BOYLE, died August 15th 1936 aged 83 years. "For so he giveth his beloved sleep"

AA2 Flat stone
Joseph Alfred JOHNSON 1869-1935 and Hilda Mary his wife 1875-1947.

AA3 Large Celtic cross decorated.
Frank Norman Gaunt BUTLER dearly loved son of Norman & Madeleine,
grandson of Frank & Louise WOODHEAD killed climbing in Snowdonia 
1934 - 1957. Also the above Norman BUTLER died 9th April 1967 aged 75 years. In loving memory of Clara Louise the dearly loved wife of Frank WOODHEAD of Woodbourne, Roundhay, born 4th August 1870 died 2nd October 1929. Also the above Frank WOODHEAD born 11th December 1861 died 24th May 1937
. Madeleine BUTLER - wife of Norman - died 9th August 2003 aged 98 years both much loved by all their family.

AA4 Latin cross on rough base.
In loving memory of Ada Blanche dearly loved wife of Matthew KITCHIN Eller Close, Roundhay, died November 11th 1916. Also of Matthew KITCHIN born 9th May 1849 died 23rd November 1926. Also Kathleen elder daughter of the above died June 11th 1946. Also Laurence elder son of the above died November 16th 1938.

BB1 Large angel, broken column and scroll.
Sacred to the memory of Sarah Ann widow of the late William Penrose
& Thomas Green, who passed away at her son's residence, Towerhurst,
Roundhay January 24th 1908 aged 82 years. Also William N. PENROSE-GREEN J.P. son of the above who died November 16th 1941 in his 82nd year. Also Martha beloved wife of the above, died January 23rd 1949, aged 82 years. Vera Penrose May a dear daughter, died 26th August 1977. In memory of Leonard infant son of W. & M. PENROSE-GREEN born September 5th 1887 died December 18th 1887. Interred in Burmantofts Cemetery. "Life's work well done, life's race well run, life's crown well won, now cometh rest".

BB3 In loving memory of Edith Florence BOYLE, the Ides (15th) of March MCMXLV111 (1948), and her son Arthur Brian BOYLE, May Day (1st May) MCMLXV (1965)

BB4 Kerb
Rebecca DAVIES died March 17th 1945.

BB5 Small black marble headstone.
In loving memory of George FILLINGHAM of Roundhay who died on 30th
October 1944. Also Mary Ann beloved wife of the above who died
on the 22nd April 1948.

CC1 Kerbs & posts black marble & flower stand.
In loving memory of Harry Ernest CATTON who died May 26th 1931 aged
59 years. Also Constance CATTON who died June 5th 1940 aged 37 years.

CC2 Ledger stone. Two plinth grave with horizontal cross.
In loving memory of Edgar SMITH of Parcmont, Roundhay who passed 
away July 21st 1928 aged 63 years. Also of Sarah Jane his wife who 
passed away on January 17th 1937 aged 68 years.

CC3 Small headstone. Grey granite on plinth with flower container.
In ever loving memory of Osmund SMITH beloved husband, father and
grandfather died October 3rd 1979. Also Mary Patricia his beloved
wife, Died April 10th 1993.

CC4 Flat stone 
Sacred to the memory of Edwin SMITH who died 25th September 1851
in the 68th year of his age and of Emma SMITH the widow of the above 
who died the 19th September 1866 aged 83 years.

CC5 Celtic cross on 2 tier, deep plinths, decorated.
In loving memory of Harry LINDLEY who died at Kirkdale, Roundhay,
January 26th 1910 aged 49 years. "In the midst of life we are in death"

CC7 Celtic cross on 3 tier plinth.
Jessie Beatrice their daughter entered into life November 13th 1936.
"Her children arise up and call her blessed" In loving memory of Elizabeth Reece wife of Arthur ELLERSHAW. Born August 12th 1854. Passed away December 8th 1912.

DD1 Black marble kerb and posts
To the dear memory of Harriet Sarah HUDDART, February 25th 1928.
Also William GREAVES died November 16th 1931 aged 86 years. And his wife Emma Margaret Ann died June 24th 1932 aged 85 years.

DD2 White marble Latin cross, kerb and posts.
Sacred to the memory of Hilda Marguerite (Peggy) the darling daughter of Hugh & Lilian SYKES of Leighton Villas, Roundhay, accidentally killed at Saltburn December 10th 1927 aged 11 years. Also Hugh Frederick William RAMSDEN beloved husband of Lilian SYKES died August 17th 1955 aged 71 years. Also Lilian died February 19th 1979 aged 89 years.

DD3 White marble Latin cross kerbs and posts.
In loving memory of Kate dearly beloved wife of George GILPIN who died September 29th 1927 aged 55 years. Also George beloved husband of the above died October 10th 1950 in his 80th year.

DD4 Black marble kerb and posts.
To the dear memory of Lucas WHITAKER, January 24th 1926.

DD5 Wooden Latin cross on three tier plinth
In loving memory of Wilson HARTNELL of Aysgarth, Roundhay, who entered into rest November 10th 1920 aged 81 years. "I am the resurrection and the life"

DD6 Flat stone with ridge on top.
Anthony TETLEY born June 9th 1909 died July 19th 1918.

EE2 Kerbed grave with horizontal cross
In loving memory of Ella wife of Hugh LUPTON born March 21st 1863
died June 17th 1932. Hugh LUPTON born May 11th 1861 died February
18th 1947.

EE3 Celtic cross, decorated on four tier plinth
In ever loving memory of Maggie the dearly beloved wife of Henry LAX of Park Edge, Roundhay who died September 29th 1929 in her 44th year. "Viatis in Arduis". Also a very dearly loved husband Henry LAX who died August 1st 1956 aged 72 years.

EE4 Horizontal Latin cross on shaped tomb
In Memory of Edward Christian KITSON born September 30th 1873 died 
January 15th 1922.

EE5 Black marble trefoil cross
In loving memory of Mary wife of William MIDDLETON of Acacia, Roundhay died September 6th 1900 aged 61years. Also of the above William MIDDLETON died April 14th 1904 aged 84 years.

EE6 White stone Latin cross
In loving memory of Eliza Ann wife of Edwin HOLT, Woodville, Roundhay who died January 6th 1900 aged 69 years. Also of the above Edwin HOLT who died at Llandrindod Wells November 3rd 1915 aged 80 years.

FF1 White marble headstone and kerbed grave.
In loving memory of Mabel Lucy daughter of Charles William & Lucy
LILLIE died September 30th 1925 aged 36 years. Also of Frank William
LILLIE Captain 9th K.O.Y.L.I. died in France December 18th 1916 age 26 years. Also of Charles William LILLIE died October 10th 1939 aged 77 years. Also of Lucy beloved wife of the above died November 29th 1944 aged 80 years. Also of Hilda May LILLIE died August 14th 1954 aged 61 year. "So he giveth his beloved sleep" Also Alice died 12th July 1989 aged 90 years. Also Olive Marguerite LILLIE died 2nd June 1958 aged 54 years. Also Sybil died 16th May 1990 aged 83 years. Also Muriel died 12th October 1990 aged 84 years.

FF2 Kerbstone
Emily KITSON daughter of 1st Lord Airedale died January 8th 1962 aged 95 years.

FF3 Headstone with curved top.
In loving memory of John Hawthorn KITSON who died on Whit Sunday
May 21st 1899 aged 56 years. Also of Jessie his wife who died April 26th 1922 aged 79 years.

GG1 Horizontal cross on flat tombstone
Francis Reginald KITSON son of James and Elisabeth KITSON died
January 27th 1805 aged 20 years. Elisabeth widow of James KITSON died October 25th 1913 aged 80 years.

GG2 Celtic cross and kerbed grave.
In memory of James KITSON born 27th October 1807 died 30th June 1885. Ann wife of James KITSON died on the 20th day of December 1865
aged 59 years. James Kitson of Elmete Hall died on the 30th day
of June 1885 aged 77 years.

HH1 Coped stone tomb
Sacred to the memory of George BUCKTON of North Hill, Roundhay
who died March 16th 1880 aged 58 years. Elizabeth Ann BUCKTON
wife of George BUCKTON born May 28th 1824 died June 12th 1906. Beloved by all who knew her.

II1 Tiled monument on wall with kerbed grave.
"FIT VIA VI" In memory of Sarah Robinson the beloved wife of
Joseph WHITLEY died October 24th 1888 aged 72 years. Also of the
aforesaid Joseph WHITLEY died January 12th 1891 aged 74 years.

JJ1 Large headstone with curved top and kerbed grave.
Sacred to the memory of Frederick FIRTH born July 26th 1824 died June 11th 1879. Also of Lucy FIRTH widow of the above named
Frederick FIRTH born November 1st 1834 died January 31st 1900.
Also of William FIRTH son of the above named Frederick & Lucy FIRTH born June 10th 1861 died June 21st 1906. Also of Frederick George FIRTH son of the above named Frederick & Lucy FIRTH born January 23rd 1858 died November 24th 1919. R.I.P.

KK1 Large coped stone tomb.
In loving memory of Samuel SYKES of Roundhay born January 5th 1824
died October 25th 1879. "O Lamb of God, I come" R.I.P. In loving memory of Catherine widow of Samuel SYKES at rest December 20th 1913 aged 86 years. "Her children arise up and call her blessed "Prov.41 V28. Also of Harry youngest son of the above Samuel & Catherine SYKES died October 13th 1888 aged 28 years. "Jesus only" R.I.P. St. Matt.15 V8. Edwin Stanley SYKES M.A. (Priest) son of Samuel & Catherine SYKES born November 18th 1855. At rest February 23rd 1912. R.I.P. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God" 
St. Matthew 5 v 8.

LL1 Large Latin cross.
In ever loving memory of my dearest beloved husband Arthur Wellesley
WILLEY, solicitor of the Grove, Roundhay who passed away July 2nd 1923. Chairman of the Leeds Board of Guardians 1901-1908. Member of the Leeds City Council 1903-1922. MP for Central Leeds 1903-1922. "A workman that needeth not to be ashamed. 2 Timothy "I Know that my redeemer liveth" Evelyn Maude WILLEY wife of the above who died December 15th 1939. "Jesus Lover of My Soul" Also in proud and loving memory of Thomas Arthur Ellicott 2nd Lieut. 15th West Yorks Regiment (Leeds Pals) The darling son of Arthur W. & Maude WILLEY who was killed in action at the battle of the Somme July 1st 1916 whilst leading his platoon into action aged 19 years. "He died the noblest death a man may die, fighting for God and right and liberty, and such a death is immortality" Also in ever loving memory of Gerald the dearly beloved son of the aforesaid Arthur W. & Maude WILLEY who passed peacefully beyond May 23rd 1934 in his 27th year. "Resting in the Divine Love and Peace of God"

LL2 Large Celtic cross.
In loving memory of Reginald John SIMPSON born19th December 1854
died 13th August 1916. Curate 1881 -1888. Vicar 1888-1901 of this parish. Also Emily Judith SIMPSON died January 14th 1942 aged 90 years.

MM1 Celtic cross on rough stone shaped plinth.
In loving memory of Catherine beloved wife of W.S. SYKES of
Netherleigh, Roundhay born September 18th 1851 died March 4th 1924.
Also the above William Samuel SYKES born May 25th 1851 died 
October 29th 1950. "They loved the house of God"

MM2 Large headstone with scrolled top.
In ever loving memory of Alice Maud devoted wife of William Henry
GINGELL Barrister-at-law died September 14th 1930. "Till the day break" Also in ever affectionate memory of William Henry GINGELL who died on February 1st 1932 aged 59 years. Also Kate Eliza Willey sister of the above named Alice GINGELL who died 6th April 1933 aged 66 years.

NN1 Large grey Celtic cross
In loving memory of William Henry CLARKE. Knight J.P. Ladywell House, Roundhay died 14th June 1930 aged 60 years. Also Anne Elizabeth beloved wife of the above died 24th July 1938 aged 77 years, and also Escricke Joseph CLARKE died 23rd January 1956 aged 64 years. Also of Mildred Amethe OSTLER who died 9th January
1976 aged 82 years.

OO1 White marble headstone and kerb.
In loving memory of Emily Eliza HATCH (HARTLEY) of Novello House,
Roundhay who died 28th February 1979 aged 88 years. At Rest.

OO2 Celtic cross on ground, with small square headstone in front of it.
James Smith OSTLER born 10th January 1840 died 17th August 1920.
Elizabeth Williams OSTLER born 18th November 1851 died 30th May 1927.

OO3 Plaque on ground
Also their son Kenneth Martyn OSTLER born 17th December 1882 died 
8th May 1982.

Plaques on the Wall

W2 Lawrence Henry WOOD died 1st March 1971. 

W3 At rest together again Edna THOMPSON 28th July 1913 - 11th December 1993 dear wife of John Christopher THOMPSON 7th April 1916 - 18th October 1985.

W4 In loving memory of Rose L. BEESTON 1911 - 1977.

W5 In loving memory of Geoffrey HALL born 21st June 1922  died 6th April 1977. 

W6 Treasured memories of Victoria Louise JOY died 17th April 1995 aged 22 years. A loving daughter and sister.

 W7 In loving memory of Gerald Darnton WADE born 19th March 1899 died 10th December 1976 and Florence Elisabeth his wife born 29th April 1905 died 29th June 1987.

 W8 In loving memory of Norma Patricia, dearly loved wife of Kenneth APPLEBY died 2nd March 1976.

W9 Eric Mordy Gibson RUTTER passed away 20th December 1974 aged 66 years. Also his dear wife Mary RUTTER passed away 10th May 1986 aged 77 years.

W10 In memory of Maurice de SADELEER dearly loved and much missed husband, father and Pa, passed away 5th November 1991 aged 55 years. 

W11 In loving memory of Anne Estelle TURNER a dear wife and mother 16th June 1965. James Randolph TURNER a dear husband and father 2nd May 1974. Re-united

W12 In loving memory of Harry MARRINER born 4th August 1908 died 4th August 1993 and his wife Vera Maye born 19th May 1909 died 19th May 1995.

W13 In loving memory of Norman Shotton BLAKEY a dearly beloved husband and father died 24th March 1977.

W14 In loving memory of John ADAM OBE died 25th June 1981 and his beloved wife Catherine McKurdy died 13th April 1966. W15 In loving memory of David Sydney Simpson POTTER died 9th March 1991 and his dearly loved wife Gwendoline Mary died 4th March 1986. 

W16 In loving memory of Mabel wife of Norman S. BLAKEY and mother ofAnne Christine died 20th July 1964 aged 53 years.

W17 Susan Elizabeth FRANKLIN born 4th January 1941 died 27th June 1965 most beloved daughter of Cynthia and Geoffrey FRANKLIN. Geoffrey Collard FRANKLIN born 1st December 1915 died 13th April 1984. Cynthia Muriel FRANKLIN born 4th November 1919 died 13th March 1987. "Those who live in our hearts will never die"

W18 In loving memory of Alfred Edgar WELBURN a dearly loved husband and father died 22nd August 1978.

W19 In loving memory of Frances Ada WELBURN dearly loved wife mother and grandmother died 23rd November 1988.

W20 In loving memory of Jane Amanda SMITH died 13th June 1989 aged 35 years. "Rejoice in that which can never be lost but endures forever".

W21 In loving memory of Shirley Grasby TURNER and her beloved husband Hugh Frederic 28th April 1967. "Always in our thoughts"

W22 In loving memory of Michael Iain Stewart HALL-TURNER died 2nd September 1981 aged 25 years. "He who hath honour and respect of others, lives on. He is not effaced by death but hath eternal life"

W23 In loving memory of James Douglas SUTTON born 21st October 1897 died 10th October 1984. Ida Kathleen SUTTON born 11th February 1902 died 11th December 1995.

W24 In loving memory of Lindsay Harold METCALFE beloved husband and father born 5th September 1944 died 30th October 1994.

 W25 In loving memory of Thomas William THOMPSON dearly loved husband of Nora and father of Christine died 5th July 1968 aged 59 years.

W26 Large imposing monument.
In loving memory of The Right Honourable James, first Baron Airedale of Gledhow, who died March 16th 1911 aged 75 years and of Emily Christina his wife who died October 6th 1876 aged 36 years.

W27 In loving memory of Frank Simpson TURNBULL died 28th March 1968 and Mabel TURNBULL died 31st March 1978.

W28 In loving memory of Derek BROWNE 1935 - 1997 beloved husband of Avril. A kind considerate gentleman.

W29 In loving memory of Charles Alexander LEWTY born 14th July 1906 died 5th June 1985. Violet Lillian Andre LEWTY born 5th July 1910 died 6th July 1995.

W30 In loving memory of Kathleen Betty MITCHELL died 17th September 1995 aged 78 years.

W31 In loving memory of a dear wife, mother and grandma Dorothy HARDCASTLE.

W32 This plaque on the wall, also grave number II1.
In memory of Sarah Robinson the beloved wife of Joseph WHITLEY died October 24th 1888 aged 72 years. Also the aforesaid Joseph WHITLEY died January 12th 1891 aged 74 years.

W33 In loving memory of W. Herbert SCOTT of Roundhay died July 17th 1932 in his 71st year.

W34 In loving memory of Constance J. SCOTT wife of the above  died April 2nd 1936 in her 71st year.

W35 In loving memory of Margaret CHAMBERS died 11th June 1975.  

W36 In loving memory of Reginald Ernest FINCH died 22nd August 1969.  

W37 In loving memory of Arthur Harry CRAVEN beloved husband of Hazel and dear father of Rosemary and John died December 9th 1997 aged 79 years.  

W38 In loving memory of Mary Elizabeth CONNOR a dearly loved wife and mother died 21st July 1979. 

W39 Also John CONNOR a dearly loved father and husband died 29th February 1980.

W40 In loving memory of Jacobus Christiaan HALFF dearly loved husband and father  died 26th October 1980 aged 52 years.

Plaques on the North West Wall Behind the Church on the left

NWW1 Andrew Donald SMITH loving and dearly loved husband of Kathleen
11th December 1915 - 13th December 1972. Thyne Aye.

NWW2 In loving memory of John Francis BEVINS died 5th May 1972 aged 24 years.

NWW3 Dorothy BRIDGMAN (MONCRIFFE) died 10th May 1983 aged 89 years.

NWW4 In loving memory of Arthur Ernest ADAMS died 12th May 1993 aged 69 years.