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Public access is granted for up to 50 days in each year, however, as a rule the number of days granted falls well short of the maximum. Public notices are posted on the Ministry of Defence website and in the local press. Access is usually granted during the Easter and Christmas/New Year periods; also, during August. The military training programme will dictate dates of public access in any one year. 


St Giles Church is now closed until August !  There is no access to Imber.

Further Dates in 2014 when you will be able to visit Imber.  Dates when St Giles Church is open to Visitors have not yet been confirmed.


Provisional plans are to have St Giles Church open most of the days on which access to Imber will be allowed (see below).  The church will certainly be open on the bank holiday weekend  and the weekend before.  More details will become available nearer the dates.

The vintage double decker bus will run from Warminster on Monday 25th August - more details and timetable later.

Details and the date of The annual St Gilestide Service are as yet to be confirmed.  More details later.

The annual service of remembrance will be held on Saturday 8th November at 1100hrs.  Details regarding access will be available nearer to the date.

The Imber Festival of Carols will be held on Saturday 20th December at 1430hrs.  Entry will be Ticket only.  We anticipate tickets being on sale from 1st November.

Access to Imber in 2014
The March edition of the SPTA Newsletter announces the  dates in 2014 when the Ministry of Defence will allow access to Imber and St Giles Church.  These are:

Summer   22nd August to 1st September
Remembrance Service   8 November (travel by convoy)
Christmas   20 December to 4 January

Please see the top of this page for the Dates when St Giles Church will be open to visitors over Easter.

Please read the SPTA Newsletter for exact timings.  Also, please note that the published access dates and times can be revised or withdrawn by the MoD at short notice for operational reasons.

Join the Mailing List to be among the first to be advised of open days, changes to access and other details - see below.

Please note that the Ministry of Defence always reserves the right to close off access to Salisbury Plain and Imber for operational reasons and without notice.


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