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Public access is granted for up to 50 days in each year, however, as a rule the number of days granted falls well short of the maximum. Public notices are posted on the Ministry of Defence website and in the local press. Access is usually granted during the Easter and Christmas/New Year periods; also, during August. The military training programme will dictate dates of public access in any one year. 


Easter 2015 Open Days Review

Click here for a short review of the Easter 2015 visitor open days

St Giles Church is Now CLOSED

There is no public access to the village of Imber or St Giles Church until august 2015.  See below for information on august opening.

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Withdrawal of Access

The Ministry of Defence may withdraw access to Imber for operational reasons at short notice.  Please check here near to the time you wish to visit as we will post any changes as soon as possible after we are made aware of them.  We cannot be held responsible for nugatory travel or accommodation expenses in the event that the MoD refuses access to Imber.

August 2015 Open Days

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that there will be access to Imber from Saturday 8th August until Sunday 23rd August.  These dates are subject to the usual proviso that access could be denied at short notice for operational reasons.

Please Note:  There will be no access to Imber or St Giles Church on the august bank holiday weekend.

We expect that St Giles Church will be open to visitors on each day between 8th and 23rd August but this is yet to be confirmed.  Please check back here or join our mailing list for more information as it becomes available.

We can confirm that the London Routemaster Bus service from Warminster to Imber has been scheduled for Saturday 22nd August. We are not responsible for the operation of this bus service.
Any enquiries regarding the bus service should be addressed to this web site (opens in a new window)

Annual St Gilestide Service

The annual St Gilestide Service is to be held on Saturday 10th October at 1500 hours (3 pm). It is essential that those wishing to attend the service arrive at the Warminster Vedette Post (VP2) no later than 1400 hours (2 pm) for the onward escorted convoy to the church. At the conclusion of the service members of the congregation will be escorted back to Warminster.

Please note.  If you arrive at VP2 after 1400hrs (2pm), you will not be allowed access to Imber.  Please allow sufficient time to arrive at VP2 by 1400hrs at the very latest.

Warminster will be the only point of entry on this occasion. Due to intensive military training Imber will not be accessible during September.

November Service of Remembrance

The annual St Giles service of remembrance will be held on Saturday 7th November.  As in previous years, anybody wanting to attend the service must arrive at Warminster Vedette Post No 2 (VP2) by 1015hrs at the very latest.  All vehicles will be escorted in a convoy to St Giles Church .  The service will start at 1050hrs to allow for the act of remembrance at 1100hrs.  All vehicles will be escorted back to Warminster directly after the service.

Please note.  If you arrive at VP2 after 1015hrs, you will not be allowed access to Imber.  Please allow sufficient time to arrive at VP2 by 1015hrs at the very latest.

You should note that the published access dates and times can be revised or withdrawn by the MoD at short notice for operational reasons.

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Please note that the Ministry of Defence always reserves the right to close off access to Salisbury Plain and Imber for operational reasons and without notice.


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