Neil Faulkner

Archaeologist, Historian, Writer, Lecturer, Broadcaster

Research: projects and publications

Neil’s main research interests are:

• Modern conflict archaeology, especially the First World War
• The history of the 20th Century, especially the relationship between war, revolution and social change
• The history of the Roman Empire
• The archaeology of Roman Britain
• The Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project (Norfolk)
• Marxist approaches to world history and contemporary events

Related field projects and academic publications are as follows:


First Blitz Project: a field-based investigation of the 1915-1918 German strategic bombing campaign over Britain.

Great Arab Revolt Project ( a field-based investigation of the 1917-1918 conflict landscapes of Jordan.

The Isonzo/Soča Valley Contested Landscape Project: a field-based investigation of the conflict landscapes of the north-western border region of Slovenia from the First World War to the present.


2008 (with Nadia Durrani): In Search of the Zeppelin War: the archaeology of the First Blitz, Stroud, Tempus.
2008: ‘The Great Arab Revolt Project: 2006 and 2007 Field Seasons’, in Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan, 52 (2008), Amman.
2009 (with Nicholas J Saunders): ‘War without frontiers: the archaeology of the Arab Revolt, 1916-18’, in Peacock, A C S (ed.), The Frontiers of the Ottoman World, Oxford University Press for The British Academy, 431-451.
2010 (with Nicholas J Saunders): ‘Fire on the desert: conflict archaeology and the Great Arab Revolt in Jordan, 1916-18’, in Antiquity, 84, 514-527.
2010 (with Nicholas J Saunders): ‘Trains, trenches, and tents: the archaeology of Lawrence of Arabia’s war’, in The Journal of the T E Lawrence Society, XIX (2009/10), 1, 7-21.
2010: ‘The Great Arab Revolt Project: 2008 and 2009 Field Seasons’, in Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan, 54 (2010), Amman.
2011 (with Nick Saunders): ‘Spuren im Sand: Revolte in Jordanien 1916-1918’, in Lawrence von Arabien: Genese eines Mythos, Mainz, Verlag Philipp von Zabern, 265-273.
2011 (with Mansour Shqiarat, Zeyad Al-Salameen, and Nicholas J Saunders): ‘Fire and water: tradition and modernity in the archaeology of steam locomotion in a desert war’, in Levant, 43, 1, 98-113.
Forthcoming in late 2015: Lawrence of Arabia’s War, Yale University Press.

The History of the Roman Empire
2002: Apocalypse: the great Jewish revolt against Rome, AD 66-73 (Tempus, Stroud).
2003: ‘The Jubilee and the Apocalypse: a reply’, in International Socialism, 101, 145-153.
2004: ‘Roman history from below?’, in International Socialism, 103, 149-158.
2004: ‘L’impérialisme romain – une analyse marxiste’, in Socialisme International, 10, 8-12.
2008: Rome: empire of the eagles, Harlow, Pearson Longman.

The Archaeology of Roman Britain
1994: ‘Later Roman Colchester’, in Oxford Journal of Archaeology, 13, 1, 93-120.
1996: ‘Verulamium: interpreting decline’, in The Archaeological Journal, 153, 79-103.
1998: ‘Urban stratigraphy and Roman history’, in Holbrook, N. (ed.), Cirencester: the Roman town defences, public buildings and shops (Cotswold Archaeological Trust, Cirencester), 371-388.
2000: ‘Change and decline in late Romano-British towns’, in Slater, T.R. (ed.), Towns in Decline, AD 100-1600 (Ashgate, Aldershot), 25-50.
2000: The Decline and Fall of Roman Britain (Tempus, Stroud).
2003: ‘The debate about the End: a review of evidence and methods’, in The Archaeological Journal, 159, 59-76.
2004: ‘The case for the Dark Ages’, in Collins, R. and Gerrard, J. (eds.), Debating Late Antiquity in Britain, AD 300-700, BAR British Series 365.

The Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project (
1997 (ed.): ‘Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project, 1996: first interim report’, in Norfolk Archaeology, 42, 4, 532-535.
2000: ‘Archaeology from below’, in Public Archaeology, 1, 1, 21-33.
2000 (contr.): ‘Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project, 1999: fourth interim report’, in Norfolk Archaeology, 43, 3, 512-516.
2003: Hidden Treasure: digging up Britain’s past (BBC Books, London).
2004: ‘Archaeology from below: the Sedgeford experience’, in Wise, P. J. (ed.), Past Perfect: studies in museum archaeology (The Museum Archaeologist, 29), 34-42.
2005 (joint ed. with Megan Dennis): The Sedgeford Hoard (Tempus, Stroud).
2008 (with Gareth Davies and Martin Hatton): ‘Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project: interim report, 2005-07’, in Norfolk Archaeology, 45, 2, 232-240.
2008: ‘Roman archaeology in an epoch of neoliberalism and imperialist war’, in Fenwick, C., Wiggins, M., and Wythe, D. (eds.), TRAC 2007: proceedings of the seventeenth annual theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, London 2007, 63-73.
2009: ‘The Sedgeford Crisis’, in Public Archaeology, 8, 1, 51-61.
Forthcoming in 2014: Digging Sedgeford: a people’s archaeology, Poppyland Press.

Marxist Approaches to World History and Contemporary Events
2006: ‘Crusade and jihad in the medieval Middle East’, in International Socialism, 109, 127-142.
2007: ‘Gordon Childe and Marxist archaeology’, in International Socialism, 116, 81-106.
2009: ‘From bubble to black hole: the neoliberal implosion’, in International Socialism Journal, 122, 155-166.
2010: ‘The workers, the unions, and the crisis’, at
2010: ‘The global crisis and anti-capitalist revolution’, at
2010 onwards: A Marxist History of the World, at (forthcoming in 2013 under Pluto Press imprint)
2011: ‘What is a university education for?’, in Bailey, M. and Freedman, D., The Assault on Universities: a manifesto for resistance, London, Pluto, 27-36.
2013: A Marxist History of the World: from neanderthals to neoliberals, Pluto Press.





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