Neil Faulkner

Archaeologist, Historian, Writer, Lecturer, Broadcaster


Neil lectures on a wide range of topics including:

  • The Roman Empire
  • Roman Britain
  • The Ancient Greeks
  • The Ancient Olympics
  • Greek and Roman Art
  • Modern Conflict Archaeology
  • The First World War
  • Lawrence of Arabia and the Modern Middle East
  • Marxist History, Marxist Theory, and Modern Politics

   His more popular lectures include:
  • Homer’s World of Heroes: Greece in the Mycenaean Age
  • Gods, Heroes and Mortals: the Greek myths in ancient art
  • The Art of Classical Greece: representing men, citizens, and warriors
  • The Ancient Greek Olympics: a visitor’s guide
  • Rome: empire of the eagles
  • The Art of Imperial Rome: representing class, power, and empire
  • Cities of Vesuvius: art and everyday life in ancient Pompeii
  • Bars, Bedsits and Bordellos: the low life of ancient Pompeii
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls in Context: an introduction to Palestine in the time of Christ
  • The Romanisation of Britain
  • Hadrian’s Wall and the Roman Frontier in Britain
  • The Decline and Fall of Roman Britain
  • Zeppelins over Britain: the First Blitz, 1915-1918
  • Lawrence of Arabia: excavating a legend
  • Trains, Trenches, and Tents: the archaeology of Lawrence of Arabia’s war
  • No Glory: the real history of the First World War


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Contact details:
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