Scenario - Tank Hunt

A dug-in enemy tank is causing a hold up to the advance. It is well positioned, and is proving difficult to destroy using artillery or air strikes. Your team has been given a mission to destroy the tank by hand.

Opposing Forces

Attackers - 6 Special Forces (Elite), each armed with M16 assault rifles. In addition, one has a satchel charge.
Defenders - 6 Troops (Professional), armed with AK47 assault rifles. 1 Medium tank with 2 machine guns.

All troops class as being self-motivated.


Rolling hills (see map), with plenty of scrub dotted around to provide cover.
Location 'B' may also have two sandbag positions, to provide cover.

Pilot Down Map


Attackers deploy at location 'A'.
Four Defenders deploy in the sandbag positions at location 'B'.
Two Defenders deploy in a concealed foxhole at location 'C'.


The attacker starts with 1000 points. The following amendments are made:

  • Each turn completed without the mission being completed: -10 Points
  • Each Attacker killed: -50 Points

Special Rules

The tank is dug-in, and cannot move. It's pintle machine gun may be used, however.
The tank must be destroyed by placing a satchel charge under the tank. Once the charge is set, it will explode two turns later. Anyone within 6" of the explosion takes 4 hits.

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Last Updated: 26th July, 2002