Scenario - Drugs Lab Raid

A drugs laboratory has been discovered, operating in a quiet area. It is believed to be operated by the local drug lord, Santos. The attacking force's mission is to raid the drugs lab and capture Santos for further questioning.

Opposing Forces

Attackers - 6 Special Forces (Elite), each armed with M16 assault rifles.
Defenders - 6 Guards (Professional), armed with AK47 assault rifles.

All troops class as being self-motivated.


Rolling hills (see map), with plenty of scrub dotted around to provide cover. The drugs lab is a large hooch (location 'B' on map) has several crates and barrels lying around.

Drugs Lab Map


Attackers deploy at location 'A'. Defenders deploy at location 'B'. The defender may also post a look-out at location 'C'. All the defenders (except the lookout) must remain within 8" of the hooch until an attacker is spotted, or Santos arrives.
At the start of the game, the defender rolls 1D3. This indicates on what turn a 4WD vehicle enters the board at location 'D'. This vehicle contains Santos and a bodyguard. Santos is armed with a pistol, whilst his bodyguard has an AK47.


The attacker starts with 1000 points. The following amendments are made:

  • Each turn completed without the mission being completed: -10 Points
  • Each Attacker killed: -50 Points
  • Santos killed/not captured: -250 Points

Special Rules

When Santos arrives at location 'B', if the lab is not under attack, he orders the lab tobe packed up in the waiting truck. This will take 5 turns, after which the truck will leave.
If fighting breaks out, and Santos is not pinned, he will attempt to run away towards the table edge farthest from location 'A'.

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Last Updated: 25th July, 2002