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ERTh - Embodied-Relational Therapy - is an initiative in therapy and healing, started by Nick Totton and based in Leeds, UK. The style is process centred and incarnation centred, approaching human beings as united bodymindspirit, perfect with a few local difficulties. Our nature seeks to express itself freely, while at the same time protecting itself in conditions often of great difficulty. This double task of expression and protection makes us subject to contradictory pulls, and offering double messages about what we feel, want and need. Through a relationship which is supportive and non-invasive, it is possible to disentangle our doubleness and allow our process to unfold - which is what has been trying to happen all along.

Nick Totton

I have been working as a therapist, trainer and workshop leader based in Leeds since 1981, having trained originally as a Reichian bodywork therapist. (You can find out something about Reichian therapy and its founder Wilhelm Reich by going to the following site: Public Orgonomic Research Exchange.) Since then I have completed an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies; attended a number of seminars in Process Oriented Psychology; and developed my own integrative approach to psychotherapy. I have co-led several therapist trainings, first for Energy Stream and then for Selfheal.

Books etc.

The Water in the Glass was published by Rebus in 1998

Psychotherapy and Politics came out from Sage in 2000

Character and Personality Types (with Michael Jacobs) from Open University Press in 2001

Body Psychotherapy: An Introduction from Open University Press in 2003

I have also edited Psychoanalysis and the Paranormal: Lands of Darkness (Karnac 2003) and co-edited Implausible Professions (PCCS 1997).

I am editor of the journal Psychotherapy and Politics International.

Press When Illuminated: New and Selected Poems, 1968-2003 came out this year from Salt.

For some poems from the collection, and some of my other writings, jump to Writings.


I am a founder participant in the Independent Practitioners Network , a new form of peer validation for psychotherapists, counsellors and others.


ERTh offers short workshop courses, a one year training, and individual therapy. For further information, go to the ERThWorks page or e mail

Ecopsychology Gathering June 2004

I am helping to organise this major event at Laurieston Hall in SW Scotland; details here.

Complete Book

In 1988, Em Edmondson and I published Reichian Growth Work: Melting the Blocks to Life and Love. This has since gone out of print, but we are still frequently asked about it, so we decided to make the whole text available on the Internet.

Internet Resource

Also on this site is an extensive guide to Non Mainstream Psychotherapy and Counselling Resources on the Internet. I began this several years ago when the Internet was a LOT smaller, and it is now getting out of hand and out of date, but hopefully still useful....


My partner, Hélène Fletcher, works as a doula (birth helper) and a psychotherapist. To read about her work, click here.

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What Is Embodied-Relational Therapy?

Workshops 2003-4

Independent Practitioners Network


Nick Totton: Writings

Reichian Growth Work: Melting the Blocks to Life and Love
Complete book

Non Mainstream Psychotherapy and Counselling Resources on the Internet

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