Wandlebury CP SMILE Sun, 18 July 2004
White Yellow Orange Map Memory

Pos  Name                         Class    Club       Time
 1   Todd Cooper (2nd run)         M8      WAOC      10:45
 2   Lewis Cooper+                 M5      WAOC      14:11
 3   Duncan Cooper+                M4      WAOC      14:27
 4   Shams Family                          IND       14:34
 5   Kirsten Smith+                        IND       17:50
 6   K&C Duckworth                 W10,M7  WAOC      19:29
 7=  Henry Smith+                          IND       19:50
 7=  Amy Windsor+                          IND       19:50
 9   Emily Windsor                 W8      IND       20:40
10   Lumb Family                           IND       21:30
11   Chloe Parker-Freeman+         W7      WAOC      23:51
12   Nicola Perree & Mollie Gibbs  W6      IND       31:36
13   Ben Wetherill +               M5      WAOC      37:18
Pos  Name                         Class    Club       Time
 1   Todd Cooper +                 M8      WAOC      18:14
 2   Hannah & Sophie Leverington   W9,W12  IND       24:36
 3   Miranda Leaf +                W9      IND       26:04
 4   Shams Family (2nd run)                IND       28:52
 5   Rosalind Williams             W21     IND       31:59
 6   Emily Williams                        IND       34:56
 7   Penny and William Lancaster           IND       40:45
 8   Benedict Wiliams                      IND       45:44
 9   Adam Mulcahy +                M10     WAOC      47:46
10   Emily Windsor (2nd run)       W8      IND       53:04
Pos  Name                         Class    Club       Time
 1   David Chappel                 M55     IND       24:11
 2   Jude Chappel                  W21     IND       26:00
 3   Mark Williams                         IND       41:03
 4   Jackie Duckworth              W40     WAOC      46:21
 5   Louise Walling                W21     NOR       51:59
 6   Jenny Grey                            WAOC/KCS  54:30
 7   Katy Woods & Rachael          W13     WAOC/Ind  73:50

Organisers Comments

A deep apology to all for my optimistic weather forecast bringing on a deluge (I should know better!), and many thanks to all who turned out on the day to make this a worthwhile event despite the downpours.  We hope the refreshments helped you to warm up and dry out after your runs, and we hope to see you all again soon.   We must give special thanks to Bruce and Maria Marshall, for manning the registration throughout the morning, without getting a chance to run themselves.  Thanks are also due, as ever, to Ursula for printing the maps, presenting the prizes, organizing the SMILE league, and (by no means least) baking and bringing all the cakes.

The courses seemed to work OK.  I do hope that we correctly transcribed all of the names and times from the heap of papier mache (which started out as control cards) that we accumulated from the finishers.   I did note that a couple of the Yellow runners punched some controls in the wrong order.   Please be aware that electronic punching systems (and other organisers!) may not allow this!

Finally I hope that no-one felt deprived of a score course - it seems those who did try the map memory course fared well, in fact this proved quite competitive.   There were some last minute changes arising from sheep being moved into Varley's field, and I hope not too many were caught out by unexpected additional fences.

Peter and Sue Woods


Map Memory (Long)
Pos  Name                         Class    Club       Time
 1   Tony Bishop                   M55     WAOC      44:15
 2   John Sutcliffe                M21     WAOC      45:10
 3   David Green                   M50     WAOC      45:33
 4   Peter Walling                 M21     NOR       53:53
 5   David Cooper                  M40     WAOC      61:22
 6   Peter Ryall                   M55     WAOC      65:55
 7   Janice Ryall                  M50     WAOC      68:55
Map Memory (Short)
Pos  Name                         Class    Club       Time
 1   Clare Woods + 3               W16     WAOC/Ind  91:21