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By Neil Duffield

Original production:

 Crucible Theatre, Sheffield (2003/2004)

 Cast size 4 and upwards.

Published: Aurora Metro Press in 'Plays for Youth Theatre and Large Casts'    ISBN 978-1-906582067

What the press said about it....

Themes of conflict, revenge, murder, abandonment and betrayal - hardly the staple fare of children's theatre? Maybe not, but it's credit to writer Neil Duffield and Sheffield Crucible that they made such a gripping job of turning a potentially alienating tale of gods and retribution into such a rattling good yarn, enjoyed by youngsters and adults..........There's a nice sense of the ludicrousness of the endless cycle of vengeance acted out by Minos, King of Crete and Aegeus, ruler of Athens.....It was deeply satisfying to watch this production, it made no attempt to patronise its audience, but relied on strong storytelling and big themes presented with clarity and style. The children's reaction was heartening; no rustling of sweet papers, no giggling, but completely rapt attention.'  SHEFFIELD TELEGRAPH 27/2/04.

'By linking two myths - which do, in any event, have connections - writer Neil Duffield has come up with an adventure for younger audiences which also works as an accessible study of the great classical themes - love, lust, betrayal and sibling rivalry. And by making the two central characters brothers, he not only manages to explore the emotional family bond but also looks at the important conflict between the physical, as represented by Theseus, and the intellectual Daedalus........a story that asks important and sophisticated questions about fate and self-determination.' SHEFFIELD STAR 24/2/04

2002 Neil Duffield, All Rights Reserved.