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Dramatised by Neil Duffield

Previously performed by:

Stables Theatre, Milton Keynes (2006)

New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth (2005)

Watermill Theatre, Newbury (2004)

Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham

Action Transport Theatre, Cheshire


What the press say about it:

‘Neil Duffield’s play is both robustly comic and serious in its consideration of smart women who know how to get the upper hand, brotherly relationships and greed.... There may be fabulous treasures and genies in abundance, but there is no magic formula to this play: it is merely simple, straight-forward storytelling, done very well.... Duffield has interwoven the familiar and less familiar so you get a real sense of a never-ending story, and he has the gift of combining the accessible and down to earth with the mythic in a single sentence. It is a small show, but one of transformations and pleasures constantly reminding us that when one story ends another begins.’  THE GUARDIAN 2004

'Neil Duffield's third Christmas show at The Watermill theatre is his best yet.....A good story, colourful and exciting, clearly told but with ingenious details. A treat.'  THE TIMES 2004

‘Neil Duffield has the magic touch when it comes to dramatising myths and legends. He excels himself at the Midlands Arts Centre with this comic and enchanting story. The show has such exuberance. It teems with life and atmosphere. . . It is such a treat.’  THE STAGE. JAN 2003

‘... a breath-taking 90 minutes with bags of pace and laughs a-plenty... The familiar story of Sherezade’s story-telling guile being used to outwit a blood-thirsty and misogynistic Sultan who takes wives for just one night before dispatching them with a sword in the morning, works on many levels....For an intimate seasonal show, it’s hard to imagine anything more satisfying than Arabian Nights.’  BIRMINGHAM POST. DEC 2002.

‘Primary school children in the north west are very lucky, at least those who see Action Transport Company’s touring show... this company with modest resources, produces the sort of spine-tingling theatrical magic that far larger budgets often miss by miles. Neil Duffield’s clever adaptation mixes ancient and modern and elements of several of the Tales. THE STAGE. DEC 1997

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