The Mymystic web site was one of the UK's first Tonkinese web sites, we now have

over 20 pages of  Tonk information. To link with the Mymystic site please use

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Mike and I first became involved with the Tonkinese with the birth of our first litter on

Christmas Eve 1991, from our gentle blue Burmese - Mistry (Chamboza Maiway).

We quickly realised just how very special the Tonks are. Mistry had seven stunning

and most precocious kittens, it is without doubt the best Christmas present I've ever had.

Our logo, the Yin/Yang kittens is my drawing of Caspar (Lilac) & Fable (Blue) at 12

weeks, two of Mistry's kittens. They slept together like this until our beautiful Caspar died

when he was only 5 years old. Our Fabulous Fable passed away on 23rd Feb 2008.


We soon  became actively involved in the work to gain full recognition for this breed

in the UK, through working on the committees of both the Tonkinese Breed Club

and Tonkinese Breed Advisory Committee - and by breeding and showing our cats.

The  Mymystic prefix (cattery name) has become quite well known among the

Tonkinese and show circles - greatly thanks to the people who own and show our cats.

We are delighted to have helped the Tonkinese to Championship status here in the UK.













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