Awarded the Certificate of Excellence by the Cat Writer’s Association of America (1998)

The first, and most comprehensive, book on Tonkinese,


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When I first met these lovely cats there was a notable lack of available information on them, but after 5 years of hard work I had enough for a book. I wanted to provide a book that would suit people with a variety of interests in cats and especially Tonkinese - from the first time pet owner to the enthusiastic breeder. In 272 pages there are around 100 colour photos and illustrations with named Tonks. Although the book has an emphasis on UK Tonkinese I have included information on registration in many other countries, comparisons of the different breed standards for competition and the different names that we have for the colours. I've also included a full colour mating chart! There are chapters on breeding, buying kittens, feline bereavement, cats and law etc. etc. I hope you enjoy my book and find it both interesting and useful - whether you have a Tonkinese or any other cat!   Linda Vousden


Your Cat Magazine- "There’s so much here it could well be sub-titled - Everything you wanted to know about Tonkinese but never dared to ask - ....You could buy this book and progress from a complete beginner without a Tonkinese to a successful breeder with show trophies to prove." "Lavish and comprehensive."

Cat World Magazine - "..... crammed with information, very well illustrated with photographs and diagrams. No aspect of Tonkinese ownership is overlooked, and the book could easily be viewed as a ‘bible’ for anyone wishing to enjoy this magnificent breed." "....... much of the advice would be applicable to other breeds too."

Julia May, Feline Advisory Bureau Journal - ".... this is a very useful book and could prove even more useful in future. How many of us wish that there had been such books about our own breed in its early years, with photographs and pedigrees of named cats!"


I have now written a new book on the Tonkinese, it is not a re-write of the above. For more information go to Tonkinese Cat - A History

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