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Tonkinese Cats - A History

Only available from the author


This book brings you the fascinating & surprising history of  this beautiful cat, from centuries

ago right up to date. 


This book is not a revision 'Tonkinese Cats'. It is quite new and contains a wealth of information

on the Tonk's  introduction to the Cat Fancy in the  1880s,  its significant contribution to the 

Burmese and  Siamese breeds throughout  most of the 20th century and the reclamation of  its

identity around the world since the 1960s. No other cat breed can claim such a complex history.


For  the  benefit of  lovers of  this beautiful  breed of cat,  both today and in  the future, it

includes some  extraordinary  additional  records and  information. This book sets the Tonks

firmly into their rightful place as one of the earliest breeds of the Cat Fancy.

28cm x 21cm, soft back -  18.00p + p&p

100 pages containing colour photos of 150 Tonkinese from around the world.


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Information on my previous book: - 'Tonkinese Cats'.






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