Mymystic Tonkinese Cats

            "Who can believe there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!"

Hello -  Im  Linda  Vousden,   I've  been  involved   with   the

Tonkinese  since 1991.  I'm happily dedicated to  promoting

this lovely breed.  I wrote the books   Tonkinese Cats and

'Tonkinese  Cats - A History'.    In 1998  I set  up  the  first

international  internet chat  group for  Tonkinese enthusiasts.


The beautiful cat on this page is  GrPr Mymystic Pagan, our

beloved girl passed away earlier this year, we ache for her.


   Only available here -

   Tonkinese Cats - A History

   Latest Release -

  Colour Tables For Your Breeding Queen,

  a set of books suitable for most breeds





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