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Since China became a member of the World Trade Organization there have been lots of new opportunities for Chinese companies to develop the overseas market, and Suzhou Tieta is one company that has made the most of the new world trading climate.

Suzhou Tieta Blowlamp Co. Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing blowtorch and pressure lanterns. It is located at Huangdai town in the north suburb of Suzhou, China. From it's beginnings in the 1960’s, it became a Limited Company in 1967, and has grown to be one of the best and largest manufacturers of blowtorchs and pressure lanterns in China. At the same time, it claims to be the only one with International Quality Systems approval --- ISO9001. The main products of the company are gasoline and kerosene lanterns (also diesel and LPG) and blowlamps, although the company does make other products, such as automatic wire strippers. The lanterns are sold with the brand name "Tower", possibly taking the name from the communications tower close to the Shanghai-Nanjing highway in Suzhou.

Display of Tower lanterns and spare parts.

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Information from Mr. Zheng QinFeng
Suzhou Tieta Blowlamp Co., Ltd.
HuangDai Town, SuZhou, China

Tel : 0086-512-65486640
Fax : 0086-512-65481224
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