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The Shanghai Pressure Lantern Factory has been manufacturing lamps and heating equipment since around 1915. The most famous lighting product is the Anchor brand, which has been exported to almost every country. Currently, the factory supplies products to over 90 countries. The Anchor lamp is a 500 CP single mantle model based on the Ehrich and Graetz "Petromax" pre-1940 lantern. It is a tried and tested design which gives good quality light. Other identical brands are Trainite and Light Brand, I don't yet know where these brands are made, but it would not surprise me if they originate from the same company. The Shanghai Pressure Lantern Factory is at 88 Hai Fang Road, Shanghai. Telephone (21)62665548 or (21)2531456

Another name associated with Anchor is the China National Light Industrial Products Import and Export Corporation. The Shanghai branch address is 128 Huchiu Road, Shanghai, The People's Republic of China.

The image below shows a typical model 999 before restoration. This lantern is badged to Blacks of Greenock, in Scotland, and dates from around 1990. There are other styles, with various accessories.

Model 999 Anchor Lantern

Model 999

Anchor Lamps are imported to the UK and marketed by Relum Ltd, The 500CP lamps are slightly modified to meet British Standard 2049 : 1985 and sold as Relum Magnalux.

An interesting point is that the Chinese characters on some Anchor lanterns translate as "Cat" so perhaps there is a link with Cat and CatMax brand lanterns. Other trade names associated with the SPLF are Red Heart, Jui Lin, and Rhino.


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