Vinnie Vinyl cartoon strip

This is a group project led by Mixup. October 2004.
We are developing a cartoon strip based around a character called "Vinnie Vinyl".

As his name suggests he collects records. Lots of them. He's mad on records. Collecting rare records. Playing records at gigs. He sometimes DJ's. He's always got a great tune so sometimes he's pretty cool . He buys CD's, downloads and everything but vinyl is his main love.

There are other characters - family, friends, rival record collectors and others.
It is a humorous look at the world of record collectors and the extremes they will go to, to find a rare record etc.

The artwork is drawn with black ink on White A4 card . Text and titles are added later.
Some of the cartoon strips may have 4 or 5 different pictures while some may only have 2.

As an estimate we might show 10 stories that may have an average of 3 pictures each adding up to 30 images. With a few introductory images the work may consist of 35 images .The text will be in English
This is just work in process but it is hoped this project will be continued beyond any exhibition of work into a long running series.

3 images provided
01. just a shot of a story on 4 sheets of paper so you can see the size and what it will look like etc.
02. A close up of "Vinnie Vinyl" so you can see the type of artwork.
03. same pic of vinnie but with colour. Added on photoshop. we may do some colour.

see the finished project here