Man evolved because he developed the skills required to survive.  In more recent times man has forgotten most of those skills. We no longer know what wild plants are edible, we have little idea how to hunt. Many of us do knot know how to light a fire without matches,  skin a rabbit, build a shelter from nothing, make traps and snares, or survive a winter in the open. All of these skills take time to learn and time to practice.  The title given to this collection of knowledge and skills is BUSH CRAFT.  Use this link to go to a bush craft primer.


If you told ten survival experts to list their priorities for a 'survival situation', they would probably all have different ideas. That does not mean to say that any of them are right, or  wrong .... because we have not yet defined what the survival situation is.  The survival situation determines how we react and what we need to survive. In most cases the survival situation has not yet happened, so we have to consider our own personal situation, try and predict what might happen to us, and then prepare for that. In the process it will be found that preparation for one scenario, will also partly prepare us for other  survival situations.  Below, are some typical survival situations, which each have their own priorities and survival requirements.


1.     Nuclear, Chemical or Biological warfare.

2.    Jungle survival.

3.    Wilderness survival.

4.    Desert survival.

5.    Urban survival.

6.    Pandemic survival.

7.    Sea survival. 

8.    Civil unrest, civil war survival.  etc..

9.    Artic survival

10.  The Katrina Stadium scenario.