TN Pain Simulator

        How many times have we heard someone with TN say "I wish the doctor or my spouse could feel the pain I am in, even for a minute ?". How many times have we been told it is "all in our head" and we wished that others, particularly doctors could understand the real agony of our TN ?.

Just recently it occurred to me that I am spending a lot of time on pain suppression, but I could as easily produce a small black box to generate simulated TN pain.  Classic TN pain goes through several distinct stages during it's development .... a tingle, pins and needles, vicious ice pick stabbing pains, self sustaining spasms, inability to talk, eat, drink ..... right up to that wonderful stage of suicide !.  Of course a simulator would not only have to produce the correct pain intensities at the different stages, but also the different types of pain .... ie, pin pricks, stabbing, burning, tearing, ripping etc..  All this is technically possible.  In addition one could also program the simulator to produce sensations such as the migration of trigger points, vibration induced spasms, the threshold of nerve/muscle  oscillation and all the other peculiar aspects of TN. I personally do not think that an average doctor is aware of such things.  With such a simulator it would be possible, within the space of a minute to subject a trainee doctor to all the sensations of pain associated with the development of classical TN. I think it possible that other types of TN could also be simulated including ATN.

A micro processor controlled simulator would take a bit of time to develop but would probably cost less than 20 to produce. I think it would be invaluable in the education of people about the true nature and intensity of TN pain.  The only problem I see would be the need to strap the subject down first .... to stop them escaping !.

Magic ... September 2003