Miniature Pick set for Y2 keyways.



Many of the cylinder locks I have seen have used the Yale Y2 keyway. When I started lock picking as a hobby, the first three cylinder locks all had this keyway and I didn't think anything about it at the time. It was only when I tried to pick this keyway with standard profile picks, that I realised that something was wrong. This keyway is very narrow and has two sharp bends in it ......



My problem was that the picks I had made from standard profiles were simply too big to enable one to 'pick around the bend'.  When I realised that I made a rough mini-half diamond (the longer one)  and eventually picked my first lock. The second lock also had a Y2 keyway and a very awkward biting, which required a hook, to get under a 5 pin in order to get at a 1 in that was hiding behind it.  My first thought was a Falle stile safe pick, but eventually picked the lock with a very thin short hook.  To complete the set, I also made up a reduced width snake rake, which works well.  So my mini-pick set now looks like this .....

About life size.

All were made from windscreen wiper springs and are surprisingly strong considering their size. I have filed a finger shelf on two of them, so that they can be used in the dark. The rake does not need one but I will do the others when I get really bored. Three of them have been designed so that when almost fully inserted into the lock, the tip of the pick is exactly over the center of the rear pin.


Full sized Picks on the same theme.

The next lock I tackled was a six pin Euro, which was excuse enough to extend the range of the above, with a six pin hook and half diamond.


About life size.