Joe's Bootloader.


Rough notes .....

This bootloader is based on the AN1310 application which can be downloaded from ...

I have downloaded this but the OPEN button is greyed out, so that is something I have to look at. This may be because the Device Database is empty, so that there is nothing to open ?.

Bootloader loaded ok, but cannot be tested yet.

Have emailed Joe ref "18F14K22" title. (Joe confirmed wrong file sent. see email). Tried existing file and it gave 'No bootloader found'.

It looks like the DS 30 is also based on the AN1310 because they both use an identical settings dialog box.

CA-42 Prolific cable shows up OK on COM 3.

Bottom right shows 'Disconnected    COM3   115200' ..... But Device manager recognises cable on COM3 !. Plus New and Open grayed out !.

If,  in the settings box, the download cable is not plugged in, it obviously will not show. If it is then plugged in, one has to exit and then re-enter the box in order to detect the cable. Cannot find any instructions on the Net for the bootloader side of things.