Bush Craft Primer.

"Man is the total sum, of his own experiences and everything he has learned from others".   Magic.


Bush craft Menu.


Primitive survival.


Making snares and traps.
The tobacco tin survival kit. Fishing.
Making fire. Edible wild plants.
Constructing shelters. Cooking.


The Preservation of food
Navigation Making stuff.


The Immediate Emergency situation.

The five fundamental requirements for survival are shelter, water, fire, food and first aid, but not necessarily in that order. For example if it is pouring with rain, then shelter and fire take precedence.  Another consideration is that in an emergency we can survive without water for about three days. We can survive without food for about three weeks. Without shelter and a fire, we may become ill and perhaps die of exposure in less than 24 hours during winter. If first aid is not quickly applied, then an injured person may die of their injuries or shock. All this means that you need to think about your priorities quickly. If more than one person is present then one of you need to take command and instruct people on what must be done and in what order.

Once you are all under shelter, the injured treated and a fire going, the pressure eases up and you can start to think out your options.  Questions to ask yourself are ....


1.    Do any of you have a mobile phone ? 

2.    Is anyone likely to search for you ?

3.    What can you do to make it easier to find you (signal fires, mobile phone radio, signaling mirror, etc) ?.

4.    Man walks at 3 MPH and marches at 5 MPH in daylight, is it possible (and safe) to send someone to the nearest civilization  to summon help ?.

6.    Do you know where you are and do you have a map and/or compass ?.

7.    If you are a group, who are your assets and who are your liabilities ?.

8.    Can you give everyone a hot drink or meal ?.  

9.    Wet clothes conduct heat away from the body, can you start drying peoples clothes ?. 

10.    What resources does your group have (sleeping bags, tarps, tents, spare clothes, survival equipment especially knives, food etc.).