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Selection of my Award winning Product Design

'Winner' D&AD NESTA 2003 Competition
Squeeze 'n' feed food pack

2003 Competition entry - Brief 3 Product for Parents and Children.

E.Z.Feed is a new concept in feeding, incorporating the feeding spoon
within the package, designed for the parents with an active lifestyle.

The Squeeze’n’feed food pack is simple to use
and easy to transport, eliminating the need to carry
extra baby utensils.

The E.Z.Feed consists of a sterile outer pack, (not
shown), the food pack and spoonhead, and it is
microwaveable, allowing the contents to be
consumed hot or cold.


‘Shortlisted’ Concept Product Award -
Reggeli Toaster Daily Mail Ideal Home Show 2004.

Contemporary design to suit the modern lifestyle.
Toaster has been designed from observing user needs.
When not in use the board acts as a lid keeping the
toaster clean. When in use, the board acts as one of the

1) Toast Rack to take to the table with warm toast

2) Cutting board, allowing you to cut even slices of bread.

3) Butter board, allowing the user to use as a plate.


Quick Fire Project for local creative company MWCreative - Design proposal for Gillette Bathroom tidy to incorporate
the shaving can and the Fusion razor.



Consultancy project working with TTi group, working on Ryobi consumer and professional power tools.

Project focusing on various aspects from branding
consistency to retail packaging

Used BMW as an example, showing how it has
developed a strong brand consistency through the use
of it's Kidney grill. Applied this technique to power tools
using the air vents as an example.

Packaging: looking at aspects of reducing packaging
waste and increasing security.

I was responsible for the renderings shown here.


My design showing a way of eliminating unnecessary cardboard packaging, with a sticky-back seal design that wraps around the case and advertises the product.


Example of strong brand consistency


Consultancy project working with Duplo International.

A quick win proposal for a Duplo folding machine, looking at ways
of improving simple functions and appearance by means of low
cost cosmetic enhancement.

  Consultancy project working with The Automation Partnership

Compact SelecT model and colour scheme rendered in Rhino 3D

Baby Bottle warmer

Design of Baby bottle warmer and stand* for local client.

My design of the Baby bottle warmer unit as shown below in the concept/development stages. Designed with thermion technology in mind, this is a safe process of warming milk in baby bottles without the need for boiling water.

The individual lockable unit allows the parent to insert their baby's bottle into a chamber; upon locking an automatic timer is activated for the thermion heating element to warm the milk in the bottle.

The bottle warmer can be used as a stand alone unit or incorporated into the Stand* as a package for Motorway Restaurants/cafes

Graphics showing the unit in a Cafe/Restaurant environment.

*general stand designed by Quadro - Colour/graphics and 3D worked up by nolan.

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