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Selection of my Graphic Design work




Design of Roystonsports new Logo/Identity for the Royston & District Sports Council.

Generic design for Sports in general. Logo takes shape in many forms, e.g. football taking a shot, Track event - Running and swimmers front/back crawl on a crest of a wave.

Project also includes the design and layout of the new Roystonsports website.

Click here to view www.roystonsports.co.uk

    Voluntary project undertaken for designing a Kite festival
logo for the Royston Kite Festival. Design of Stationery
headed paper, email headings and posters.

Click thumbnail to
view full size A5 poster


Rotary 2006 Conference Folders.

Design and layout of pocket folders for
the 2006 Rotary 1080 District
Conference + design of back page
advert for the 2007 Brighton


Cane & Able

Re-design of company logo giving it a fresher more
modern appeal. Logo consists of a 'C' and 'A' for Cane &
Able as a wheelchair, one of the core factors of the
healthcare business.


Quadro Consulting Limited

Booklet design for Quadro Consulting Ltd

Design for Profit: Hitting the targets.

Responsible for design Layout and inventing of name
and strap line for a booklet to win new clients and


New Logo designed for 'Take Six' Mini-Basketball.

Design features Red 'T' for 'Take' and the Blue '6' for 'Six' in the form of a basketball shooter.

Take Six Mini-Basketball - promotional work for new Mini-Basketball aimed for children. Work includes:
design of new ‘T6’ logo, set of A3 skill posters, A6 fun stickers and A4 certificates.


'University of Hertfordshire' Product Design Degree
brochure titled 'Hidden Talent'

Responsible for the organisation and production of the
University of Hertfordshire’s end of year ‘Product Design
Degree brochure 2003’.

This involved organising 27 students to carry out
delegated jobs and having the responsibility of compiling
the necessary work for the final completion of the
brochure. (Sample of page)

University collaboration with Imagination UK. ‘Emotional Branding’ project in collaboration with ‘Imagination UK’. Brief
set by Simon King (Imagination UK). Project brief: to re-awaken a tired brand name ‘Biro’ using strong graphic skills
and giving it a new emotional value.

          Spoof DVD covers

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