International Non Sponsored Invitational Play In Dirty Snow

Sunday November 25th 1996 Chopwell Woods High Spen England UK


The met office had forecast snow, more snow, and a little extra snow. well they got it almost correct. they missed out the wind. Blizzard conditions is what we got. ambient temperatures though wher fairly high Zero to One Degrees Celsius made for some very visible speach and that strange feeling when your nose is freezing but your arse is soaked with fresh sticky sweat. Seven Hardy Muni riders made it to the event plus three walkers. Constance Cotter came over from the United States, Roger Davies came to hold her hand and give support, as although connie is VERY good at most things unicycle, in her own words she is a beginner at Snow bound hill sides. Duncan Castling, Myself, Gillian the Mobile hair dresser, and nephew Christopher made the numbers, with George, Norma and chris walking and taking photo's for posterity. Two hours elapsed during which time we rode over frozen streams, through shaded woodland with droplets of icy water building up speed as it falls from leaf to leaf on its way down through the trees, to land down our necks in globules as large as buckets. Up and down hills which the 26inch mountain bike types grabbed massive amounts of grip but when we fell our boots did not, so control on the Muni meant none on our feet. answer stay on the Muni. Gillian is a novice 20inch uni rider, she can ride comfortably as long as there is one of us by her side for both physical and moral support, It was her first trip out of a Gymnasium and by the looks of the constant broad grin on her face it will not be the last. Nephew Christopher is one of those naturals. three months riding and he is already one foot idleing. He turned up before the ride wearing just a pair of Levi's and a coat.. ten minutes later Duncan had equiped him for anything the northern hemisphere could possibly find to throw at us. he had fun in ways he had never considered possible that day (his first time in padded cycling shorts) we arrived back at Duncans house after surprizing a number of MBX riders, horse riders and 4wd drivers to rapidly drop our cold and wet cloths to the floor. standing there soaked, freezing and with steam rising from our bodies from the exersion.

I for one will be there to see Connie Cotter get changed again in 97. will you be? Mini