The Durham WEEKEND Juggling Festival 2001

The Durham One Day juggling Festival 2000

The Durham One day Juggling Festival 1999

The Durham One Day Juggling Festival 1998

10th British Juggling Festival Nottingham

11th British juggling Festival Bristol

12th British Juggling Festival Durham

13th British Juggling festival York

British Unicycle Convention 1998


Cosmos Jugglers

The Cosmos Jugglers are Anna and Jim Semlyn from York in the UK. they are professional jugglers and specialise if blacklit shows.

Blacklight is that produced by ultra violet bulbs and creates a beautiful effect if the performers are dressed in black and decorated by colours that glow in the dar. all their equipment also glows in the dark and the effect of balls clubs and poles is mesmerising.

If you require more details on Cosmos Please Click the Picture

The DCJ have hired Cosmos, they did a 2 hour workshop on 3,4 + 5 ball tricks, club swinging and pole spinning, they then followed this by a 25 minute show we had our largest club turnout for this evening with 70+ people there,

Springs Health Club

On the 23rd November in the Springs Health club, Team Valley Newcastle on Tyne the DCJ are invited to a party held by George ???

Unicycles, clubs, balls, balloons, stilts compulsory


Chopwell Woods Muni day

Sunday 24th of November in Chopwell Woods High Spen Northumbria there is an offroad Unicycle open day by the members of the DCJ. you are all welcome. This is the 2nd day we have had in Chopwell woods. during the summer of 96 we turned out for the Friends of Chopwell woods open day and provided a little additional entertainment for the massed Throng! For some this was the first journey offroad they had had.. Ewan, and Nicole, .

the day was way too hot and the course we rode quite long with 2 major uphill stretches, one of which none of us managed to completely ride.