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Penketh Swimming Club is a non-competitive, teaching club founded in 1974. It is run voluntarily by a committee and ASA qualified teachers and is a member of the Royal Life Saving Society.

We are 40 YEARS OLD this year! With this anniversary we find ourselves in a stronger position than we have been for many years. To celebrate this milestone, we will be having events throughout this year.
Look out for details coming soon!

It operates from a local swimming pool three evenings a week and currently has 200 junior members of school age. We are a non competitive club and our main aims are to teach swimming techniques and water safety to local people making swimming lessons affordable to those who can not afford private lessons. We have a team of 20 adults who volunteer in various capacities with a large proportion of them teaching on the poolside they are all CRB checked and majority are trained via the Amateur Swimming Association. The Insurance and cost of pool hire is covered by subscription payments from the members but training courses and material, CRB checks, equipment such as Buoyancy aides for the younger non swimmers, floats, play equipment, stationary and end of year trophies are paid for by funds raised by the committee and gifts/donations.

Warrington is an area surrounded with hazardous water. With canals, streams, rivers, lakes and even Duck ponds that are a short distance from the new David Wilson Homes estate. Our main aim is to teach children basic water safety skills to ensure should they get into danger they can easily save themselves by swimming to safety OR not putting themselves at risk in the first place. With our older children who can swim competently we teach valuable rescue and life saving skills ensuring they are safe but can also save others without putting them selves at risk. Our lessons educate even the youngest of our swimmers on how to stay safe in the back garden of their own homes during the summer paddling pool season.

When our members reach high school age they are invited to help as in pool assistants, this not only helps our younger swimmers but also gives them a responsibility teaching them some skills they will be able to use when becoming voluntary teachers themselves. With young volunteers and members spending time with us in the evening it reduces the amounts of children aged 11 16 on the streets at night who may otherwise turn to antisocial behaviour as something to do other than contributing to this community group.

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