Penketh Swimming Club
The Club Committee

To Govern Committee meetings keeping the clubs best interests at the forefront
To ensure Health and Safety/Child protection responsibilities are met
To ensure the Auditing Process is adhered to
To take full responsibility for all club matters
To ensure the club committee meet regularly and meetings run effectively
To ensure all Committee posts report on progress at each meeting whether in person or via apology & emailed report read by the secretary
To remain un-biased and allow decisions for the club be made upon a majority vote decision process
To provide guidance to all members
In moments of appeal the decision of the chairman is final

To ensure all Committee posts are filled to allow the smooth operation of the Committee and the Club overall
In moments of dispute, the Vice Chairperson will investigate and manage the complaint allowing appeals in writing to the Chairperson Club refunds will be dealt with by the Vice Chairperson and the Committee regarding authorisation and value to be refunded
To liaise with the Treasurer with regards to the club refund procedure/policy
To Deputise in the absence of a chairman

To minute the Committee meetings ensuring a true record is taken of events and distributed to the committee members
To record all members present and list apologies reading reports of those absent at the appropriate time of the meeting
To arrange meeting dates times and venues
To report and record all correspondence to the Committee and respond within timescale
To list and record committee actions
To offer additional support as and when required
To keep a true record of all meetings ensuring committee actions are followed through

To run the club accounts effectively in preparation for AGM and audit
To manage the club bank account
To handle all cash/cheque/internet banking transactions
To liaise with the Funding Officer in accordance to make application for grants etc
To make payments for all invoices/ member ships such as ASA / STA / RLSS
To ensure club insurance is up to date and the competitively priced policy is the correct policy for PSC
To issue expense claims to club members
To liaise with the events sub committee when required
To control the clubs finances

To recruit Door Registration/Coaches in charge/ Awards Secretary and support Coaches in charge with further recruitment areas
To liaise with the Registration Secretary ensuring Classes are kept to desired numbers and the overall club membership figure does not fall
To liaise with the Awards Secretary ensuring individual members work towards the correct skills and distance awards and the presentation evenings run efficiently
To liaise with the Communication Officer ensuring members receive necessary information
To liaise with the Coaches in charge on a weekly basis to ensure they have accurate and up to date information regarding individual members and lesson operation
To manage all members progress with the help of coaches and make swimmer class moves at the end of each term
To collate swimmer times with the help of the coaches to complete the class timed swim notice board information
To produce class registers / payment forms / skills award / distance trackers for use in lesson planning
To calculate the swim year time table ensuring all coaches are aware of the lesson plan for the following twelve months
To hold Coach meetings updating them on any club news and changes to lesson criteria and new starters
To manage the membership subscription payments when due over three week periods monitoring non payments/leavers and late payers
To manage the stock and orders of uniforms / coach equipment / certificates and badges
To effectively Manage the Teaching and Support Team on a weekly basis and ensure Lesson content meets the planned objectives with all junior swimmers ensuring all records and reports are documented

To ensure all Support Roles (Pool and Committee) over the age of 18 have clearance from the Criminal Records Bureaux (CRB)
To ensure the WAVE policy is in place in accordance with the ASA with reference to Bullying
To investigate and report all allegations of Bullying/ Poor behaviour to the Committee and take appropriate action to resolve such situations
To act as a point of reference for all support roles with regards to child safety
To monitor the clubs confidential health report and ensure coaches have information about individual members on how best to assist such members
To ensure the clubs Health and Safety standards and best practices are in place and working effectively by reviewing accident reports and informing the Committee when such events occur
To ensure the safety of members is high priority and the club is a friendly happy environment

Editor of the Bi monthly newsletter
To ensure club members are kept up to date with any club news and information via email/text/facebook/website/telephone/letter/fax/notice board
To liaise with the IT Officer ensuring the website is kept up to date
To ensure club members receive reports from Committee meetings if they request to be on the mailing list and all members receive a copy of the AGM report
To manage the members email vote when required
To liaise with the events sub committee when required
To advertise for new members of the Club / Committee / Coaches and other support roles
To regularly ensure our members know what is happening within the club

To manage the official website
To manage the club Text service
To oversee the club facebook/twitter pages
To ensure the club email system is kept up to date
To oversee all electronic technical aspects of the club

To manage the new members waiting list ensuring we have a constant supply of new members available to join
To contact people from the list when we intake in February and September
To ensure new members receive welcome information and understand the way the club operates
To ensure club members information is kept up to date for club records
To monitor the absences on club registers and contact poor attendees
To cover the Door Registration post when necessary
To arrange new members and monitor current members and leavers

To plan, organise and run events such as Children’s Christmas parties/Club fund raising quiz nights/party nights/ race nights/fun days etc
To organise end of term novelties for members
To book guest presenters for presentation evenings
To champion the events sub committee
To enlist additional volunteer support from parents and family members of the club for activities and events
To promote the social involvement of members including their friends and family

To inform coaches of relevant training courses
To offer support and information regarding course qualification
To offer additional in house training to coaches when required such as CPR/Coach skill development/administration training
To keep up to date with funding for volunteer courses
To ensure Coaches have access to relevant courses and qualifications that will benefit PSC

Manage the distribution of Distance Badges and Certificates, ensuring all information is recorded correctly
Liaise with coaches on Skills months (May and November) to ensure the appropriate award is achieved/recorded/awarded
To arrange purchase/payment/collection of trophy Awards in preparation for parents evenings in January and July
To ensure all Awards are present and in order on the nights of parents evening
To ensure members receive correct awards and information is documented correctly

To research Government/ Council/ lottery funding schemes and policies and to apply for funding on behalf of every aspect of the club where possible
To liaise with the police property auction fund scheme application process
To arrange fund raising raffles on parents evenings from obtaining donated prizes and selling tickets on the night/arranging ticket sellers though to ensuring the draw takes place and prizes are issued
To contact businesses in search of sponsorship for events certificates and trophies
To work in an events sub committee when required
To raise funds which go towards end of year trophies, novelties, coaching equipment and training qualifications, CRB clearance costs and to also part subsidise the Junior members Christmas party thus keeping the overall bi annual membership subscription fee as low as possible

To deal with the local press regarding club events To promote the club profile in Penketh and surrounding areas via word of mouth, local advertising, linking with other local groups
To contact business to gain benefits for our members in terms of discounts or services via the sale of advertising space on our bi monthly newsletter/ e-shots and website
To liaise with art designer for club advertisements/banners and literature
To work in an events sub committee when required
To promote the brand and reputation of the club

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