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Option G - Rownhams Lane

There are several problems with the current cycle provision in Rownhams Lane. 

1. Opposite is a view looking south east at the junction with Bakers Drove. This shared use section is fine for uphill cyclists, but is dangerous to pedestrians with downhill cyclists. At the bottom of this hill cyclists will be traveling close to 30 mph (the limit for vehicles), and as can be seen in the photograph there is a right hand bend. In this situation it is far safer for cyclists to use the road when traveling downhill, rather than cross the road. The only problem is the design of the 'pinch point' which needs a through channel on the left for cyclists. 





2. At the right hand bend mentioned in 1 above Rownhams Lane turns right and straight ahead lies the extensive cycle network of Lordshill and Lordswood. All that would be needed would be a dropped kerb in the area circled red, and a short length of cycle track to link to it




3. Picture 3 shows the cycle route about 50 metres after the right hand bend. It stops, crosses the road, crosses 3 side roads, and then crosses back again! If it had been kept on the right hand side of the road (and yes there is room), it would only have had to make one crossing of a side road. I have yet to see a cyclist use this portion, and in my opinion has been a waste of public money. It is one of the main reasons for me becoming involved in cycle provision lobbying, to hopefully prevent design failures like this!



4. And so to the end of the route. An example of not so linked up local government. Across the road is the extensive (but poorly supported, signed & maintained) network of cycle routes in Lordshill & Lordswood (see option B) - shouldn't we be promoting these! 





Last Updated 26/06/09

1. Start of shared use cycle track at junction with Bakers Drove

2. Right hand bend at top of previous photo

3. Cycle provision after right hand bend

4. The end of the route? - isn't that a cycle track I see across the road


Thought I'd let you know the issues that drive me mad when I'm on my bike.

(1) when I cycle to Sainsburys.  I go down Rownhams Lane, then like to cycle along the path by Oaklands and through the tunnel, to save the long trek round the busy roundabout.  When I first started doing this the path past Oaklands was marked as a cycle track.  It no longer is, and I'm never quite sure if I ought to cycle on it.  As there are 2 parallel paths there it would make sense for one to be labelled as a cycle path.  It would also be good to have a marked cycle track through the tunnel and out into the car park.  I wonder if Sainsburys could be persuaded to fund this?
(2) I often cycle up to the Woodman from Rownhams.  There is a cycle path I beleive for bits of the way, but it is poorly signposted and you have to get off at various points.  Could we campaign for a decent cycle route along this popular route, including a link to it from Rownhams Lane?
(3) There is a super cycle path from North Baddesley to the Luzbourough Arms pub.  However if you are on the A27 heading from Romsey (or the exit from Mountbatten, in my case), towards NB it is very fiddly to get on to it.  It needs a better path across the grass and better signposting.
There are probably others!  Hope the website is well-used - I did have a look this morning.

Helen. 11/06/09

The uphill shared use path is handy if there's a lot of traffic, if you're cycling fairly slowly (say 16 kph; I have never reached the 48 kph you suggest for going downhill here). It is a pity that it ends just as the fun starts at, I think, Baker's Drove. It would be nice to have provision between here and the excellent N. Baddesley-Toot Hill path; an on-road lane would be very helpful in the rush hour even going downhill.
I agree with Helen that it would be nice to have a decent route to the Woodman, but when going south I find the squareabouts reasonable if you keep your speed up.

John Heath  26/06/09