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Option D - Testwood Lakes Link

To be west of Nursling is the large commuting and Recreational area of Totton, and the New Forest.

There is a road and footpath link to this area from Nursling through Testwood lakes avoiding the busy roads to the south.

If the footpath (no. 18)  section could be made shared use with cyclists it would give a very good cycle route for both commuting and leisure cyclists. Little work needs to be done:- replacing the stile (at picture A) with a cycle and pushchair friendly gate similar to one shown below, and making the stretch from B to C above full width within the fences (see photos below).

Last Updated 26/06/09

Example of a pushchair & cycle friendly 'gate'

A - End of the road section and start of footpath. Plenty of room for shared use with pedestrians

B - Short section needing clearing to fence line. 

C - The entry to Testwood lakes. 


Dear Mike,  

As an addendum to our phone conversation, please note that the gates at Testwood Lakes all open with a universal disable access “radar” key and are cattle proof! The latter is essential for our management of the wildlife reserve.  

Helen Durant Education Officer- Testwood Lakes - 19/06/09

Nice idea; much shorter route than Moorcourt Farm. I'd use it a lot (even on the road bike, if the surface was OK).

John Heath  26/06/09