Portrait by Paul Woods
I was born in Bristol in 1977, and grew up in the nearby town of Thornbury.  I now live in Manchester, where I work as an artist and writer.  Originally, I came to Manchester to study English literature, and a lot of the inspiration for my artwork comes from literary sources, such as Shakespeare, the Bible and various legends and mythologies.  I am also inspired by the stylised but organic forms found in gothic architecture, Art Nouveau and celtic design.  Although I often describe myself as a fantasy artist, my work isn't meant to provide an escape route from the real world.  Fantasy can be a way of commenting on reality...it can even shape reality.  (I'm tempted to get a bit metaphysical at this point, but I'll resist.)  Most often I work with acrylics, generally using translucent glazes in layers.  This allows me to build up my paintings gradually, making constant revisions, and also gives greater depth to the final image.  Recently I have been doing more illustration, for which I like to use a combination of prismacolor markers and pencil crayons.  I have taken part in exhibitions at various locations in Manchester, as well as Stockport Art Gallery and the Avram Eisen Picture This Gallery in Chicago.  My originals, prints and other merchandise are available through a variety of outlets, both off and online.

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