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LF Amateur Radio

a personal guide - a series of websites from Emdee Publishing
Mike Dennison, G3XDV

LF Links Page


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Transmitters, Transverters, Receivers and Oscillators

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Antennas, Tuning Units and QRN Reducers

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Propagation and Weather

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Best, First and Furthest LF DX

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Remote receivers and signal reporting

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Useful LF pages

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Other LF resources

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  • rsgb_lf_group

For many years this e-mail reflector has facilitated the coordination of the very latest activity and and the exchange of technical discussion to all who subscribe (free). Originally hosted by blacksheep.org, it became a Yahoo group in June 2012.

There are two ways to join:

(1) Send an e-mail to: rsgb_lf_group- subscribe@yahoogroups.co.uk,
(2) Go to the web site: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/rsgb_lf_group/ and follow the appropriate link.

Russian speakers have a group at:

An RSGB book that is eessential reading for everyone interested in getting started on LF, or trying to improve their existing station.

The RSGB's flagship book, covering all technical aspects of amateur radio, including a whole chapter on the bands below 1MHz.

Other useful sites

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Radio Society of Great Britain: The very latest amateur radio news, a comprehensive book shop and much more.

Last updated 19 Feb 2013