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I used to have a holiday home in Freshwater East, Pembrokeshire, in the far south-west of Wales. I operated portable on both 73kHz and 136kHz from Pembrokeshire several times. [More about Freshwater East and its lovely beach]

I am the only person to have transmitted on 73kHz from GW. In 2000, I took my gear to GW4HXO's QTH on the west coast and made the first (and only) 73kHz GW-GU QSO. I never did make the first G-GW 2-way QSO on 73kHz.

Locations used:
Equipment: VFO on two bands. Audio amp giving 20W on 73kHz and 10W on 136kHz (1997/8), 300/250W from October 98. Receiver is a Datong LF converter and an IC-706 at 28MHz.

During October 98, I ran an inverted-L with 10m vertical and 50m horizontal. Earth system was two radials 100m long and a spike. Supports were trees.
Similar antenna used at New Year and Easter 99, except supports were telescopic masts.

I used a kite-borne 60m semi-vertical in October 99.

Modes Conventional CW. Extremely slow CW (3 second dot period) is available only on transmit.
Best DX on 73kHz
  • Portable:
    • Cross-band to 430MHz: 2W1DBI/P at 8km.
    • Listener report at 32km.
    • Furthest station heard: MI0AYZ at 331km.
  • At GW4HXO's QTH (my gear, his 136kHz antenna)
    • GU0MRF at 350km
Best DX on 136kHz
  • SM6PXJ at 1407km.
Operating periods:
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Last updated 29 April 2005